To the Next Person that I'll fall in love with

To the Next Person that I'll fall in love with  

I apologize my love, but i don't ever want to be your Universe. Although, I want to be a part of it, even a tiny spec of your universe. In the vastness of your own cosmos, I donít want and will never will, to be the sun that you make center of your life. I donít want to be that axis that youíll revolve solely to.  

My love, you and I are an existence of differences. Before our worlds even collided, we had our lives ahead of us. And losing ourselves is something that I donít want us to experience during the process of building this long-lasting friendship and falling in love with each other. †

At some point, Iíll get to love you so very deeply and hopefully, you as well. Love has always been a concept that has been too magnificent for us to comprehend that we make it mean to worldly not Godly, like what itís suppose to be. But hereís the important part my love, loving me doesnít mean that you have to forget the person who you really are. I pray that youíll never lose sight of yourself, the real you just so we could be a perfect match. As I have already told you, Iím not looking for perfection. Iíd love you regardless of the imperfections as long as you are always true to yourself. Show me your light, and also show me your dark side. Iíd love you still in every situation.  

There will be times that your life will be crumbling down. I promise that while your is in chaos, Iíll never leave, Instead Iíll find a place to sit still as you fix and clean up your messes. Iíll watch you build yourself again and again. Please donít change yourself just because of me. If ever you want to make changes, always think of yourself and be a better version of yourself. Do it because you want to --- for YOU. You donít owe me or anyone else that luxury, rather you owe it to yourself. †

I will love you always, in every way that I know of and all the love that you deserve. But never forget that you should be loving yourself more than I do, and I promise to never forget loving myself too. I will make you feel loved and valued every single day. I pray that you will learn to see your value daily even when there are times that youíll be forgetting. Donít worry, Iíll make sure to remind you of that. Iíll take care of your heart, but always remember that your heart is much safer when you yourself takes care of it.  

Your Universe is infinite, and I will never want to limit that just for me. You are bound to meet new people in every dayís new beginnings. Youíll be given countless blessings and opportunities to grow and mature. That would mean that our time together might get taken away. But its okay. It †wonít make me love you any less. Iíll wait, always.  

It will always be my dream to be part of your life, however it doesnít mean that you have to forget a life of your own. Before me, you have other galaxies for family and friends. Comets of dreams. And I would never want you to miss out on those just be cause a spec (ME) of had appeared in your Universe. I donít want to be a black hole that will suck out and destroy all the worlds that youíve build. Remember my love, you are always free to have you own space, because you are free to grow, to expand endlessly, soar and reach your dreams. Please donít forget to make time with yourself. You yourself is your best companion. Grab every chance to pursue your dreams. Even those dreams that you had even before I entered the picture. I will always support you  

To the person that I will fall in love with, Donít make me your universe by forgetting yours.  

But do allow me to be your home  
Written by eljustignoreyou (John Daliva)
Published | Edited 12th Mar 2020
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