A Journey for More

I am a lost girl

with no wings to unfurl

Oh, how I wish for a big silver set

it would be worth it, no matter the debt

Then I could soar through this fog

far from here, all the way to Prague

Exploring places all over the map

no time to rest, no time for a nap

The desire never runs dry

inspiration strikes and I take to the sky

Flying free

so much to see

No time to waste

oh, the cultures I'll taste

Just a matter of time, I'll find a good fit

it will be the first time, I'll admit

I've always felt out of place

everyday it's something I face

That my soul has no home

feeling out each place I roam

Searching for somewhere I belong

somewhere that doesn't feel so wrong

Like I'm betraying myself just by standing still

being up high, I've always felt a thrill

Sneaking up to the roof, I stay for hours

enjoying those late night phone calls of ours

A blanket of stars

to heal my scars

My headphones drown everything out

but I don't want quiet, I want to shout

To pour out my heart, everything I feel

but oh, how the moments silence can steal

It can make all the difference, just one word

through the ink, I can make myself heard

The words flow out of me

a floodgate opened by a key

Helping me discover who I am

trying to figure out if I'm worth a damn

I'm not a perfect soul

my mission is to make myself whole

Trying to be the person you once knew

maybe I'll find joy in the things I loved to do

This new dream is better than the first

giving me hope that I'm not cursed

Letting me know that life is a quest

a journey, until it's time to rest

Until it feels right

and the future looks bright

Finally, I want for things

excited for all that life brings

I'm not going through the motions anymore

because I know exactly what I'm looking for

A life, a home, somewhere I belong

a life full of tragedy feels so long

This isn't all I want my legacy to be

I want more, I want to feel free

More than a memory or a lost thought

to be forgotten, this would all be for naught

A wasted effort to find more

for myself and the people I adore

The kind of life I want to build

where all of us are fulfilled

It's essential, it's how we survive

and hopefully, begin to thrive

It would be a paradise found

the most beautiful land around

A special place

of sacred space

Where all the pieces align

and our destinies entwine

Finally, a home to go back to

think of all we made it through

We were shattered and lost

because of what our lives cost

Cast out of our homes, with nowhere to go

never thought I'd sink this low

I'm done falling now

as is my vow

From my ashes, I'll rise

you'll see fear disappear from my eyes

I'll be standing tall

out of ashes fell

Out of the shadows

I've risen from below

Shiny and new

finally through

No longer on the run

our journey is done...
Written by ThiaTartorum
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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