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B.S. ing

Swimming from the depths, still held in sleep's grip  
Only to find that I semi aroused and locked in her lips  
She takes the time to move her face and nose through my pubic hair  
Then deep throat me again before coming up for air  

Bearing all of her weight down on me as she tongue fucks my mouth  
Then she whispered into my ear what this wake up is truly about  
She woke up aroused and she couldn't go back to sleep  
Her nipples were hard and her little man poked his head out for a peep  

She grabbed the back of my head and stuffed my face in her cleavage  
I climbed up and out with my tongue and worked those nipples with a rage  
Pulling her ass cheeks open, as I sucked and bit on those diamond peaks  
a two finger test assured me that the flow was beyond a leak  
She let out a moan as she slid down to my knuckles  
A slap on her pussy made her fucking clit buckle  
Yes boo I'm now fully awake and in desperate need of a taste  
A slap on both ass cheeks made her climb up on to my face  
The natural taste and smell of her morning pussy  
The unkempt hair every where is like a jungle all bushy  
Like a snake my tongue moved about the under brush in search of her stream  
There is a river running within this jungle consisting of moan, screams, and cream  
Taking my teeth and biting into those hairy lips  
Tongue fucking her pussy hole, while with flops I made that clit flip  
Small circles and stabs at that asshole made her want it so bad  
She turned around and sixty-nine that dick like her pussy and mouth were mad  
I attack that ass and pussy hole like a feen chasing that base  
She rode my mouth so hard that her bush left a carpet burn on my face  
Grabbing those hairy lips, getting my tongue way up in there  
Sucking on that clit until I could hear her taking in air  
She squirted all over my mouth and chin, cream running all down onto my neck  
While still shuddering, she slid that pussy down for my dick to inspect  
Slowly working around the head, she slid it in inch by fucking inch  
I slapped her across the ass and her pussy tightened up and started to pinch  
Finally in to the hilt cream seeping out on to my balls  
Up and down she started riding,  all the while massaging my balls  
She fucking likes this shit, she fucking likes the pain  
I slapped her on the ass really hard, with two fingers inserted in her ass, and she squirted again  
Quick on the rise, slow on the descend, circling grinds and then repeat  
I'm watching that creamy dick slide in and out like I'm watching porn on tv  
I've gotta take charge, like Tarzan, I've gotta be the lord of my jungle  
Rolling her ass over it's time to take charge of this rumble  
Slamming into her ass watching the ripples move up her back  
Curling her toes, while spreading her crack  
Those pussy hairs are flatten, matted with sweat and pussy cum  
That ass hole is talking shit, daring me to come get some  
I spit dead in it's eye and then drove my dick in there balls high  
She started talking shit, she riding a cloud she's so high  
The pressure was building as she kept cumming and squeezing my dick  
Just as we both came with intense pressure, she farted all up in that bitch    
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 3rd Mar 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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