Our Hut

In a stone hut, on a hill, beside an ever flowing stream
I share my whole existence with you, the weaver of my dreams
With dirt as a floor, a bed of the softest of hides
My dreams are a continuous flow of merriment with you by my side

We exist by way of our toil, but together hard work becomes play
Whether clearing land or tilling soil, there is laughter in what we do or say
I watch as you go about your work, at times your actions are in sync with mine
As you bend over with your back turnt, I swell with pride that you're mine

The both of us working until there is hardly any strength left
Then wandering down to the stream, bathing each other as if we lived in wealth
Sitting on the bank watching the sun's reflection as we dried
We enjoyed our natural state, as all of nature spied

You there sitting between my legs, as we watched a trout accomplish a jumping feat
He reminded us both that it was beyond time to eat
We returned to our hut and once again began acting as one
We will move about as one until dinner is done

Yes we shared conversation of our day, although we were right there
From a bird landing on a nearby branch, to a butterfly landing in your hair
Reinforcing everything about you that I think is so true and dear
To have a butterfly sit there as if he knew you without any fear

We sat cuddling in the doorway and watched our stream playing with a moon's beam
With deep kisses of passion, we swore an oath to our team
After closing the doors on the outside world, below the hides we found cream
Locked in a fiery embrace, as we reunited in my dream
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