The Final Solution II

"Socialism always leads to genocide." David Macleod 2020

The Final Solution II

Identity polItics is suicidal in nature
Everyone who plays this game
Does so with murderous intent
Whilst acknowledging their own death
There is no compassion
There is no empathy
It sends us back to the stone age
Makes us more ape than man

Identity Politics makes us unevolved
Socially inept and tribal in nature,
Groupthink is the only thought
Individidualty dies a slow death
It is turned painfully into ashes
Tribes of war and destruction
Are all that's left in its wake
Identity Politics = The Final Solution

Identity politics loudly preach
Dogma and propaganda
Fake news, and utopian lies
In the main, equality of outcome
It's a Marxist pipe nightmare
Coupled with post-modern nonsense
It will surely bring death to us all

Groups, (so-called oppressed)
Will struggle for power overall
The tribal law of the jungle will apply
The oppressed will become the oppressor
The search for equality of outcome
Is just a pretence a mere myth
The groups with the most guns
Will win out and genocide follows
Like a really foul-smelling cloud of gas

So, pick you oppressed group
With great care, most will be sacrificed
On the alter of the final solution
You need to get off the fence and join your tribe
Equality of outcome will only happen
After the genocide is over
And only one tribe is left

I am white (currently oppressed)
I am male (currently oppressed)
I am single (currently oppressed)
I am disabled (currently oppressed)
I am mentally ill (currently oppressed)
I am of mixed race (currently oppressed)
Some ancestors were the product of rape (currently oppressed)
I was an abused child (currently oppressed)
I am an abuse survivor (currently oppressed)
I am overweight (currently oppressed)
I don't believe fully that climate change is man-made (currently oppressed)
I am an atheist (currently oppressed)
I am a humanist (currently oppressed)
I am a type 2 diabetic (currently oppressed)
I am a smoker (currently oppressed)
I am not politically correct (currently oppressed)
My sanity is questionable (currently oppressed)
My nation was ethnically cleansed (currently oppressed)
My nation was enslaved (currently oppressed)
I am working class (currently oppressed)

So I hope there is a group
Where, like me, all the members are:

Single, white disabled males, of mixed race and products of rape, who suffer mental illness, who were abused as children, who are abuse survivors. Men who are overweight diabetics (type2). Humanist atheists who do not believe that climate change is fully man-made. Politically incorrect, insane, working-class, smokers who nations were at some point enslaved And ethnically cleansed -

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
Author's Note
The extreme politics of the left-wing and the right-wing backlash that is coming
genocide is an inevitable consequence of Identity Politics
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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