My story

I'm a man with nothing to lose
It's Mission Impossible I'm Tom Cruise
Like a detective I look for clues
Like a reporter I tell the news

I'm no doctor but even I see pain
I'm not a meteorologist but I predict rain
I'm not a pilot but I have a plane
I'm not crazy but I'm insane

I'm not here but I am there
I'm not a danger but please beware
I'm not against you but I'm unfair
I'm not your friend but I do care

I'm writing words to inspire
But they just start the fire
They begin an empire
And the flames get higher

The truth is that we all could die
Time would still pass by
You wonder why
So do I

There is no answer to this question
Nobody to make an objection
No sign for the right direction
No word or even a suggestion

I really want to assist
But darkness is hard to resist
There are monsters in the mist
And all you have is your fist

No way to flee
No instant life recipe
No magic open sesame
No truth to confess to me
Can't you see
We try to be
Look for the key
But we are lost at sea
On our knees
Help us please

There is no way back
Once your mind starts to crack
The thoughts all stack
And you can't attack
A prisoner in your mind
Hope you can't ever find
Death is behind
And you are blind

You are all alone
The truth isn't shown
You turn to stone
You become the unknown

The moon causes the tides
Hits you from all sides
The water will rise
No one will hear the cries

The truth isn't that there isn't hope
There is a way to cope
But you move on and then nope
It snaps there goes the rope

Life has it's own road
It has stories they told
It has structures to mold
It has treasure and gold

But there are traps
1 mistake 2 zaps
1 step 2 taps
1 hole 2 gaps
1 push 2 slaps
1 place 2 maps
1 tree 2 saps
1 hand 2 claps

Fighting for a chance
It's the last dance
You're in trance
No stance

I'm afraid of being lost
Of being just a cost
2 paths they crossed
All smoke no exhaust

There is a lot more to say
There isn't a right way
No light no ray
No fun no play
I'm fading away
No more day
No spring no may
No food and no tray

Written by CosiestPrism273 (Jordan Kunkel)
Author's Note
I will rap it just not yet.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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