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The Club

the pink bunny
checks my ID
takes my money
and affixes a plastic bracelet to my wrist

i stroll through
the entry
a wonderland

black walls draped
with red tapestry
dark ceiling punctuated
with tiny lights and glitter

on the walls framed images
of slaves on their knees
jet clad masters wielding terrifying whips
couples performing unspeakable acts

this is my zone of comfort

the place where
my dark twisted deviant desires
can become reality without judgement

on the contrary with acceptance
and from some
even admiration or adulation

no drugs or alcohol here

(nothing to dull the senses impair judgement
or mar the psychedelic nature of this place)

this dark steamy netherworld

this is the place
where the freaks gather

the misfits
and outcasts

those who thrive
on the edge
the fringe
the margins

scanning the floor
there are
submissives crawling
slaves serving
Masters commanding and being obeyed

an acquaintance smiles
pulls up her blouse to show her bruises
another bends over to display his stripes

all equal here

black white yellow red
queer straight bi gay lesbian
cis trans asexual
mono poly ambi
top bottom switch
participant voyeur

in leather
formal attire or no attire

bulls with muscles on muscles

bears with hair even you know where

seductive mistresses

gothic beauties in black camouflage

dykes more masculine than most men

faeries with wings pinned to their flesh

garish nuns and pervy priests

latex clad beings hooded hobbled and gagged

littles with blankies pacifiers and stuffies

comic book heroes in capes and boots

police with batons and handcuffs

cowboys with spurs and lassos

arab kings with their harems

alien beings with ray guns

vikings with horns

highlanders in kilts

beauty queens

doctors nurses
patients in straightjackets

medieval knights
damsels in distress

echoes of victorian linguistics
‘yes Sir’ ‘no Sir’ “thank you ma’am’
‘if it pleases Mistress’
‘of course my lord’

the most common greetings
“do you hug?”
“do you mind if i hug you?”
“can I have a hug?”
“would you like a hug”

puppies wag
kitties crawl
foxes slink
ponies trot

bits and blinders

cock rings
chastity belts

daddy doms
with little girls draped across their laps

elders and youth frolicking

racks and crosses
water boards
and gold-trimmed cages

some folk
just hang around
from rope
or suspended blissfully
by hooks through their hide

no bills to pay no taxes here

altered states abound
sub space

energetic fields
and auras

toy bags and toolkits
with dildos vibrators lube by the gallon
canes floggers whips clamps
needles and other sharp things

no mommies or daddies
to tell us what to do
unless it’s role play
negotiated and agreed

no wars
except with squirt guns
or water balloons

no fighting
except in the mud pit
or the primal room

static charges and electronic wizardry
for some lucky tormented souls

nervous laughter
and orgasmic groans

no bombs
no famine
no disasters

humans marked
with welts and stripes
pierced and tatted
collared and crowned

thumping tympanic rhythms blare
punctuated by moans
shouts cries giggles

maniacal laughter
muffled conversations
whispered secrets

smell of sweat
sex and perfume
tobacco and leather

this is my zone of comfort

the place where
my dark twisted deviant desires
can become reality without judgement

this is the place
to find my prey
and devour them
body mind and soul

this is the place
where the freaks gather

the misfits
and outcasts

all the same
in their own unique way

hungry thirsty cold hot
horny scared forgiving
sad happy weak strong

inside the costume
under the skin

flawed perfection

this is the place
where i feel


(C)2020 Raibeart Bruis
Written by Kinkpoet
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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