Why do we keep fighting our differences?
Why we can't we accept who we truly are?
Why do we question our true purpose?
Why does the destination seem too far?

Why can't we ever get along?
Why do we continue to fight alone?
Why is there so much hate?
Why our mistakes can we not condone?

Time doesn't seem to change us
Nothing in life do we seem to learn
We lose our soul and honesty
Why when on fire do you watch them burn?

We just act like life is great
We treat things like they're the same
We see the truth and refuse to believe
When someone screws up we all proclaim

I'm not sure if the world understands
That our hatred is the biggest problem
That we keep happiness from each other
That we never believe our truth is solemn

The clock will strike and end your day
Time will pass nobody will seem to care
I hope we learn our lesson
That we cause sadness and endless despair

We hide from our true opinions
We run from the dangers we see
We lie to our own sanity
We keep ourselves from being free

We trick because we are afraid of rejection
We hurt because we need belief
We disagree because if not we'd then agree
We hurt others because we are in grief

We need to look out for one another
We need to stand by their side
We need to dream of a different land
We need to come together not divide

We all have our own fears
Why did this happen to you?
We question our own reality
Our life we continually review

We all have a road we need to take
We all have a important life talent
We all can be known as somebody
The line between darkness and light can be balanced

Your hopes can fall away
You dreams may seem strange
Your mind may say give up
But find the doubt and make an exchange

Written by CosiestPrism273 (Jordan Kunkel)
Author's Note
We all push others away. What if we found a way to look beyond our differences and make a true difference in the world. This is pretty unlikely to happen but it's a thought I had. Hopefully you enjoy.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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