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That Was Then This Is Now (The Remnants Of Yesterday)

That Was Then This Is Now
Satin and silken sheets, I never advised any one I was holier than thou
Loving the rendezvous and clandestine encounters as I kneel to you, carnal pleasure, felt upon the bow  
Cash money for a taste of that sweeten peach and pouring of my honey  
Fetishes, dark desires, wishes, the power given behind the clout  
Catholic girl attire, paid to stand in the corner to pout, making me scream, you shout  
As the world moves by    
On to fulfill the next barrage of wishes, wet dreams, time surely flies  
Paying me the Grover Clevelands for the rapture found between my butter rum thighs  
From midnight past the sun rise  
Private invites requested by air  
Is the place of love…worth the sacrifices, which brings no worries, certainly no cares  
That Was Then This Is Now  
A wad of tax-free cash, I could afford me another pair of Manola Blahnik, Steve Madden stilettos. my tuition paid for this semester, passed up, damn and wow  
Escaping the nightly bodily thrills  
To get an arousal up to my standards… witnessing the popping of Ecstasy pills  
Past and present colliding, surviving the need of self with an enduring will  
My moans, their echoing groans, the payoffs wisely invested, lump sum dispensed to me , yet paying my own bills  
How deep does love really go  
When embedded lust is your creed, the need, your desire to please  
Denied passion... shhh…if only one truly knows  
Silken passion, begging for completion, under me in any fashion  
Feening to feel that deep, tight,  penetrating thrashing  
Hopping on a plane, naked in your bed    
Bound, gagged... hot wax drips, soothing the tip of your head    
That Was Then This Is Now  
Key 5 still wet…mm you now got the towel  
Unlocking the calling of my heart  
On the canvas of time, my tongue, etching upon your skin, my best masterful work of art  
His tender brushstrokes to the crux of my soul  
Lost in the blissful voyage without the upstream row  
Drifting on soft serenity as the wind propels the blow  
Taking my mind and soul to where only God truly knows  
Naked I stand, as I turn around.  
Smiling to seeing only one man, in the glorious state of my existence … mmm… very profound    
That Was Then This Is Now  
My altered state of reality disallowed, disengaged, and disavowed
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Intermission during the performance of Swan Lake Ballet on 02-14-20, NYC

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