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Loving Someone With an Illness - For Better Or For Worst

"At present time there is no cure, nor fix, for our condition. An independent ailing mind invoking frightening vision. Robbing us of needed sleep, effecting hearts attrition. While avalanche of mix-matched thoughts bury intuition.

In a struggle to hang on, while readying to die. within each breath we grow weak, become as fragile child. We hurt, we cry, stomp our feet, then snort into a high. and for a few surreal secs, we don't have to try.

Yet all it takes is one small glimpse into a broken mirror. To see the lost soul trapped within and shed a grieving tear. For we will never see your eyes not filled with fear. and our ill brain is all we have, and all we ever hear."

Imagine there is power,
in love we canít deny.
To help us motivate us,
Bring strength into your life.

Emotionally committed,
Is really all they need.
Be patient and support them,
Most important, never leave.

It's not so simple,
Emotions never are.
Some days will be tough,
But love it conquers all

It's the illness, not her,
So take it day by day.
Let her know that she has you,
Don't let her get away.

Love and support her,
Tell her you care.
Your here till the end,
Youíre not going anywhere.

Then sail away with me
inside my complex mind.
By the end, I hope you see,
you canít change me if you tried.

All I ask is stated clear,
try and understand.
Stay when it gets rough,
never letting go of my hand.

Donít yell or cuss me out,
or say those words you will regret.
Just love me everyday,
like the days when we first met.

Remember all the good days,
donít focus on the bad.
Think of the good times we shared,
on the days that made you sad.

I know I do things different,
but my mind is not my own.
Have you ever talked to yourself,
When you are all alone?

Become the dream,
That finally came true.
painful memories
many battles she will fight
withdrawn, ghost to everyone
bring her that peace in her life

Sheís searching,
for all the pieces.
yet she always feels alone
she is full of scars and flaws
with a heart and soul of gold
The memories, painful scars,
Put her in this dark deep hole.

She searches and searches,
In all the wrong places.
As her life becomes darker,
Slowly she fades, nothing changes.

Love comes unnoticed,
Its deep and mysterious.
Mental illness can take out beauty,
And only show your view in darkness.

You're the final puzzle piece,
That helps her become whole.
Or just another heartbreak,
That gateway to her soul.

Hereís the thing, we're not so different,
the likes of you and me.
We all have fears that haunt us,
We all live with struggles and anxiety.

"A true love will bring out the best in ourselves, support you when no-one else will, stand beside you in your worst times, listen to your troubles, accept your faults, past and Love you no matter what!Ē

Joanna Ryan-McDonald
Written by Crazontheinside (JoannaMcDonald)
Author's Note
When you have mental health issues, this to me is how I feel (seen in my quote a great example) and really all you want from someone.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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