Shades of Black (In reverse)

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this poem.

Shades of Black (In reverse)

She was healed of this kind of pain.
The more she tried the more she gained.
Always three steps forward and two steps back.
Losing enlightenment in twelve shades of black.

(Shade of black 12)
I grabbed that shade and I tried to shake it awake.
I was saving her life that day, make no mistake.
This shade ripped from her heart and set a blaze.
Never again in her life will this shade see the light of day.
A thrust forward a deep gasp for air she was alive!
The dark clouds evaporated to beautiful blue skies.
I was holding my best friend the one I truly loved.
Within this stasis I will forever hold tight with hugs.

(Shade of Black 11)
That badass of all badass blacks.
And I was there with you back to back.
Itís kind of funny because you're not scary at all.
We stand united and together forever we fall.
learning to never judge a book by its cover.
Reading the pages beneath is whatís to be discovered.

(Shade of Black 10)
As much as I loved this shade I helped her let it go.
More care and compassion to her I showed.
I replaced this shade of black with myself.
Offering her positivity and healing mental health.

(Shade of Black 9)
Never forgetting those shaded nights telling me to die.
Instead of running I stayed there with you and cried.
Nothing was going to get broken on that night.
But I broke that fucking pen so you couldnít write.

(Shade of black 8 and 7)
Those two damn shades are still exactly the same.
Point the finger at each other always one to blame.
Well not anymore because these seize to exist.
Take these thoughts and actions and smash them with my fist.

7 still thinks that 8 should have its way.
8 and 7 the reckless battle went on for days
Gaining her confidence and Pushing these shades away.
These defeated, onto other shades of black for better days.

(Shade of Black 6)
I took this shade with a gentle and subtle approach.
Her screaming at me is what I disliked most.
Talk her through it and ease that shade away,
Since then her anger has never been the same.

(Shade of Black 5)
That shade of gloomy skies and cold rain.
I didnít let her walk alone with that pain.
The clouds cleared and the rains disappeared.
I was there to help comfort her doubts and fears.

(Shade of Black 4)
As much I wanted to remove this shade from her soul.
I felt somehow this rebel kept in her in self control.
*Though I didnít like this shade of black on her.
*Remembering the hard times helps her learn.

(Shade of Black 3)
I knew she was fine but I asked anyway.
And she would tell me about her day.
The seriousness faded out like that shade of black.
Itís amazing how I am getting my best friend back.

(Shade of Black 2)
That calming black I adored so much.
Ease my worries itís ok to touch.
A near perfect shade one that should stay.
Because if you think about it getting down is ok.

(Shade of Black 1)
Your damn straight I argued this black was purple.
Playfully arguing, laughing, running in circles.
And that was the day we decided to get married.
Moving forward now leaving most shades of black buried.

She was healed of this kind of pain.
The more she tried the more she gained.
Always three steps forward and two steps back.
Losing enlightenment in twelve shades of black.
Written by miseryomy
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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