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Extremely Hot You Better Have Some Water or a Doctor on Hand  Oh So Slippery Valentine

Oh So Slippery Valentine    
She arrives wearing , under    
 her coat red lace barely  
covering  her  large round  
Dark nipples hard and erect    
with little pink clips teasing  
 them, causing them to  
harden sticking  through  
the fabric.    
Her stockings the color of  
pale nude shows her olive  
skin soft supple    
smells like warm flesh    
There is a swing and twitch  
to   those full hips    
They dance to their own  
beat   as she walks    
Her nicely shaped butt    
Like a red delicious apple  
 has   a little bounce as she  
sways   her sultry self across  
the room    
Her hair a nicely combed  
 will  be a mess soon as  
she    leans over me breathing  
 hot   breath on my chest    
Hair on her box nicely  
 manicured shaped into  
 a heart    
Her labia show through that  
daylight between her legs  
 hanging down like the petals  
 of a flower they seem anxious  
for profound attention    
Her thighs full and  ready for  
 anything I have to give her    
She comes forward and says    
lay it down my man let me take  
 care of that hard stiff one you    
got in your hand there    
her mouth hot and ready she    
spits saliva onto my tool and starts working it sucking the head as she strokes,  jerking and pulling on    
my shaft she brings it to attention    
She lets go with her hands up    
and down with just her mouth    
sucking in hard on my swollen head gurgling sounds come from her    
throat as she spits up more saliva  
 still no hands she likes to make her mouth do all the work  
Spread wide for me baby let me
I lay down as she straddles
 my chest inching her way up
 closer to my mouth knees up ,  
squat down here so I can see that hungry pussy  
The first flick of my tongue makes
 her quiver she tries to close her
 legs a bit but no,  no,  I need to dive
 in to her honey pot already dripping down my throat  
Spreading her meat wide I tongue
 fuck her,  playing with that oversized
 clit sucking on her clit makes her
 moan with pleasure,  she begins  
to rock back and forth on my face
 I hold her up slightly with my thumb
 in her ass letting her make the moves,.  She's lathered up now and ready  
to cum as I manipulate that sexy
 ass and torment her clit  
Warm hot juicy liquid show through
 her opening her breathing slows  
down a bit as she tries to get off
 no,  no,  not yet baby turn it
 around she turns herself around
 where I have ample access to her  
tasty ass
 I finger her pussy with a nice  
finger bang and fuck her tight
 ass hole with my stiff  tongue  
she's tight as she begins to buck
 I sink my teeth into her ass cheeks
 my fingers all into that pussy , wet smelling like hot wet satisfaction,.
  I won't let up she cries stop I'm
 going to cum no baby this time your going to squirt I give that pussy
 what it craves mouth tongue  
 fingers busy into that shit as  
I roll her onto her back never  
missing a beat Fuck me she cries  
not yet sweet meat my fingers  
touching that g spot she starts  
to lose it I am relentless this  
mama  will squirt  
then she does she cries out as
 she sits partially up streams of  
hot liquid soak the bed sprays
 onto my chest mouth down  
on that thing drinking up all  
i can  
she looks spent no baby we
 have barely gotten started
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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