Witless and totally expendable “Useful Idiots”!

By Stanley Collymore
To any logically-minded person the meaning of these  
two words and their obvious connotations are very  
clear. However, to those directly involved, but  
as credulous and narcissistic “victims”, it’s  
pathetically an indictment of their rank  
stupidity that their conveniently emphasized and  
disingenuously applauded “capabilities” are,  
in operation, little more than unwarranted
superlatives and enormously dishonest  
accreditation, mendaciously granted
to someone or persons, who are in  
effect malleable and expendable  
simpletons that are specifically  
chosen by their manipulative  
and tyrannical ringmasters!  
Typically self-serving politicians or corporate patrons;  
and required, at any precise moment in time on the  
behalf of these self-absorbed charlatans, to do  
what needs be done! And you Sajid Javid:  
absurdly racist and inanely delusional  
as the rest of them, while asininely thinking that  
in premeditatedly and assiduously breeding  
out your genetically and natural Asian  
characteristics by choosing a white  
wife you’d somehow eventually
“arrived” and were therefore  
now sincerely accepted by
those who you stupidly  
but fully exclusively  
in cultural and correspondingly  
racial terms keenly deemed
as your ethnic superiors –
an out and out, fully  
fledged “white  
Having now agonizing realized that you’re  
nothing of the sort; will never be; and  
for dim-witted morons like you  
Sajid Javid, your most enthusiastic and quite
intentional excursion into rabid and vile,  
right-wing fascism: first under sick  
likeminded racists like Theresa  
May, and afterwards Boris  
Keymal/Johnson wasn’t  
worth it after all; and  
at best was patently  
and indisputably  
a nightmarish  
© Stanley V. Collymore
14 February 2020.
Author’s Remarks:
In complete solidarity with the Windrush Generation and their family members among whose numbers were several relatives of mine and their close friends. God’s blessing and protection be eternally with you all: those of you who’re still alive, as well as those who’re no longer with us in this treacherous world that we live in. And, of course, that that earnest supplication be similarly extended to the families of all those involved, who were unscrupulously used, mendaciously treated and in a wilful, concerted and malevolently racist policy of hostility, even as legitimate British citizens that they obviously were, and still are, were officially invited as World War II veterans or others that had in many ways altruistically served Britain, to either return or else initially post World War II, come to the United Kingdom to euphemistically assist in rebuilding the so-called Mother country.  
They benevolently, commendably and most positively responded to those pressing appeals that were personally directed at them only to afterwards, once Britain was substantially on its feet again through their vital contributions, be treated in the most despicable and racist manner by utterly racist themselves, purblind C—NTS like Theresa May, her henchmen of fellow Dykes and Queers in a deep-rooted fascist Home Office and quite absurdly Useful Idiots infested and immigrant descended pillocks like Sajid Javid and now Priti Patel! Both of whom are rather happy to resolutely breed out their Asian characteristics and pretend like the Useful Idiots that they are, that somehow they have “miraculously” not only been accepted from being perceived as completely unwelcomed “Pakis” by the plethora of verminous, psychopathic and certainly feeble-minded white lowlifes who predominantly infest Britain in the 21st Century to being all of a sudden and remarkably, distinctively colour blind in their two specific cases at least rather unreservedly and cordially transformed into entirely acceptable white Caucasians themselves.  
Dream on you senseless prats! Sajid Javid is now gone! And however he or you would clearly like to dress it up as the work of the Machiavellian psychopath Dominic McKenzie Cummings, the special adviser to Britain’s existing fascist/Nazi and racist PM Boris Keymal/Johnson, the stark truth is that there is no way that of his own volition Dominic Cummings could have gotten rid of Sajid Javid without the explicit requirement and directive of Boris. So it’s evidently not rocket science to level-headedly deduce that from Boris’ own perspective treacherous, uppity and distinctly above himself, delusional and purblind, racist twerp in the form of “Useful Idiot” Sajid Javid had become surplus to requirements and had to be got rid of. QED! And your time will likewise come too, Priti Patel: honorary white woman, as you clearly and enthusiastically fully perceive yourself! But to every sane person, fully cognizant of the genuine situation, you are and like all your treacherous Asian sort that overwhelmingly voted for Boris Johnson and the Nazi-Tories at the last general election, kidding yourselves that you’re now fully accepted as worthwhile Britons; let me brutally disabuse you of that asinine notion. To all these white British, including USA born immigrant Boris Keymal/Johnson, you most categorically still are and will always be to them just plain Paki immigrant, “Useful Idiots”!
Go learn your own Asian history and I’ll cite just two examples of that to clarify what I mean. The Amritsar Massacre of 1919 and the concertedly induced British famine of 1943-44 that intentionally killed over 2.5 million Bengalis in what was still imperialist British run India. This at a time, during World War II, when over ONE MILLION Indian Sub-continental armed forces were voluntarily fighting to save white British asses generally, and more so specifically in Britain from the Third Reich and its Europe-wide network of repulsive fascists and Nazis! Some gratitude eh? But what does it matter to Asian pillocks like you as long as you idiotically think that you’re accepted by white Brits, and besides there are always Niggers who’ll be at the bottom of this societal pecking order you reason in your twisted delusions!
And I wonder how much longer Laura Javid: Sajid Javid’s consciously chosen effete and vapid white wife will hang around when he’s no longer the honorary white man that he thinks that he is? Or, for that matter, your equally and consciously chosen white husband Alex Sawyer, Priti Patel, all part of the determined breeding out endeavours of yours, just like Sajid Javid’s, when you too like Sajid Javid are surplus to requirements as a “Useful Idiot”?
In conclusion I’d like to draw your attention to these well-known comments by the German author Martin Niemoeller in your own entrenched racist attitudes towards Blacks generally, and those in the UK specifically; and your repulsive comments, Priti Patel that racism towards Blacks doesn’t exist in Britain, which you go on to say is the most welcoming and hospitable country there is. In which case I suggest that you have a relevant conversation on this matter with the current Archbishop  of Canterbury and the spiritual head of the Church of England which is the official church of our country and is headed by the secular 93 year old nonagenarian, Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor! Here, however, is the quotation I promised by Martin Niemoeller:
“First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out either for I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I certainly did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me!”
Enjoy your “Useful Idiots” lives while they last, Priti Patel, Sajid Javid and the rest of your toxic Asian scum! They won’t last forever! For sooner rather than later you’ll soon find yourselves surplus to requirement.
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 16th Feb 2020
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