I bought another car,
It's 700
It needs a new engine,
Or so the guy says in his ad
But really it just leaked oil.

So I drive out and pay for it.
Then we meet at the DMV

So I am studying the Google map
How to take a bus there but I have to walk the last 3 miles, which will take about an hour, but I turn in sattellite view and see a forested area, that if I cut
Thru it I can maybe save 20 minutes

So I see a little trail into the forest
So I take it, it is entered behind an old Kmart. Soon I arrive at an area that is littered with small plastic bags along with spent tubes of airplane glue.
I keep walking. I meet a young teen boy leaving the forest, he has been huffing. His face is very red, as he smiles.

A while later, there is a tent. I peek thru the screen to see it is very neat inside.
It smells like a smoker lives there but nobody is home.
I'm not complaining.
A little while later, a man is cleaning out his car, dumping his trash into the ground, off of some dirt access road.
I hide, watching old McDonald's cups and bags being dumped on the ground.
Somehow he sees me, and he jumps in his car and floors it,throwing gravel from the rear of his tires. I decide to get off the dirt trail and back into the safety of the forest when I come across a hut, partially buried in the earth, to keep a low profile.
A spiders web at the door suggests it had fallen into disuse , maybe for years?
I knock, silly me, nobodies home.
A voice says 'Come in'
I don't think I have ran any faster in my life. Sonewhere I have dropped my phone on such a warm summer day, well by now, it is getting along towards afternoon, I feel that sudden chill.

Think man, listen for traffic
I follow the noise, minute by minute it grows louder, and relief, I am on a trail, and I relax the soft noise is a gurgling Brook, but my worries have left me, even though I remember I should be seeking what? Something with burnt gasoline stench? Something that is hurtling towards me from behind, that at any moment might run me over?

In all this mad metropolis, and I am smelling cool forest and my very own gurgling Brook.
But hey wait a minute
I am supposed to be meeting somebody...
Darkness falls like a black curtain
My movements slow to a crawl, feeling the trail with my hands.
I am not frightened, and lay down to rest my weary bones.
I doze off
I dream of hearing rustling around me.
I think I am awake, but feel paralyzed.
I sense being carried by one or more strong able creatures.
I remember feeling warm on a soft bed if furs. I pout that I do not want to leave
This dream world
But when I smell food cooking
U know,
 I have to.
Plus who is that georgrous woman over there, cooking, her back to me?
Written by rabbitquest
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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