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Image for the poem [SILENCE IS CONSENT]  left, left, left right, left

[SILENCE IS CONSENT]  left, left, left right, left

out the window
where the fuck did I go
where’s the wind blow
oh I don’t fucking know
if I damaged
my blood stained soul
was so fucking brutal
but I never write songs about this shit
the [abc] agencies
would decimate me
eliminated me
if I ever speak of it
they would fucking end me
oh Yeah so
and these drugs I abuse
only kinda hide it
tried to annihilate it
had to dissociate myself
just to try fight it
now I only seeing red
most of my brothers in arms
are fucking dead
or with a needle in their arm
and so fucking close to it
Yeah we tryin’ hide it
shove this pain and trauma
down in the deepest abyss
go ahead poke your head up
I’ll pull my Glock out
I’ll fucking kill it
but enough of this bullshit
tonight I’m celebrating
never fucking hesitating
these altered states
are so illuminating
and now I’m fading
tying to find some peace
just three fucking hours
would be wonderful

(chorus x3)
[helicopter pilot voice over the intercom]
over the hills
and over the seas
blown by the wind
like a disease
so let us begin
rode my horse hard
put her away wet
both shivering now
both smell like death
both don't give a fuck
'bout all the rest

left, left, left right, left
left, left, left right, left
left, left, left right, left
left, left, left right, left
both sides are neocon war mongers
I got some beer and a noose
lets put em' to death
three million in Vietnam
one million in Iraq
Hitler has nothing on us
a my government has no regrets
waging war from Hitlers play book
cluster bombing brown people
gives the news media
a raging chubby
spewing their seeds
of discontentment
it only feels like dry heaves
feeding the wolf
at the backdoor
chewing up peace
and spitting out war
left, left, left right, left
are both sides are full of shit
making their wages
from fucking death

(2nd chorus x3)
[screaming burned alive women and children chant]
obomba, and george w
killery, and bubba bill
all fucking war criminals
to many to name
left, left, left right, left
your silence is consent
and I'm still listening
but I still don't hear
fucking nothing
but bullshit

(massive collapse  -  draft) +

ĐłⱤɆ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦ © 2/13/20
Written by direlegion (dire legion)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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