No Rest

Capitalism is a cult.
The cult of buying to
Fulfill your dreams
An unending
Ever illusionary
Illusive dream
Searcher of pretty things
Promised to you
By all in the cult
The crazy thing is
You all
believe in it
No matter what you say
No matter what
you all tell me
You're a believer in the pretty
Man made things
The new car
The new clothes
The new house
The new, the new
You're a lying fuck!
Seriously, you lie to yourself
And you lie to our planet
You lie to all the animals
To the oceans
To the soil
The trees and forests
The very air we breath
You lie!
You and the others
You're liars
All of you!
You desire
You're full of it
Full to the brim
It's oozing from you
Not only are you drowning in it
But you're taking us all with you....
What is it that will make your life
So much fucking better?
Newer TV?
newer car?.....the latest model perhaps?
The latest fashion, the one that was popular 20yrs ago, but regurgitated back up again
Certainly a larger house
Lots of room inside
Soooo roooooommmmyyyy!!!!!
Enough to sit in the same spot each night, palming the precious things
Your mind is primitive
So damn primitive
Covet the precious things
Collect them
Have more
Own more
The nicest ones
The most "stylish" perhaps!
Take take take
Take take take
That's all it is with you
I feel sick  
You've devoted your life
To the cult
A devoted follower of
The cult
Standing tall and proud
Of what you do
For the cult
Big earner
Big spender
Big taker
Big house
Big car
Big holiday from
Your big house and
Your big car
You'll never be full
Will ya?
Will ya?
Will ya?  Will ya? Will ya?
You will when you've bought....
You will when you've got.....
You will when you own...
You will when you have...
When you've taken...
When you've consumed...
When you've destroyed...
Filled yourself with...
Fill yourself with my fucking fist
You're killing me
Really, I'm fucking dying
Never letting up
Never stopping for a moment
Never pausing for
A moment of  
Pain filled contemplation of
What you're doing
Damn you to fucking hell
You bastards!
Never stopping
To deny the cult
I'll be no part of it
No fucking part of it
You just will not stop
Will you
You just won't stop
No rest
No resting
No rest for me
For you
The Earth and all
Upon her
No rest
No rest
No rest......
You won't let her grow
You won't let her grow
You will not let her be
You just won't
And it's fucking devastating.
Written by Vamps
Author's Note
Spill about consumerism, not aimed at anyone. Peace.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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