Rich deep brown eyes like swirling tide pools of the richest deepest cup of coffee
Dark wavy hair surrounding her face and cascading down over her shoulder
The perfect lover or foe, equally matched in the bed or punching each other's buttons
We proved to each other we could make nothing out of something or something out of nothing
The intensity with which she looked into my eyes
I swear that she saw every emotion and identified every lie
The way that she slightly turning her head as if in thought
The way that she pursed her lips when another lie was caught
To have my mind and heart gripped with the sternest and frigidity of a German nanny
Then to have the ice melted away with the loving touch and care of my dear old granny
This is not just a forgiveness, this is give and take
The many transgression that she committed simply to make my heart break
As I said, "she's my yin and I of course is yang"
For whatever reason make up to break up just happens to be our thing
Even when her hate is at it's highest levels, she still pops in to let me see her eyes
Because in those swirling pools of coffee, I can see that I'm not despised
This is simply one of a many much needed rests
To purge the heart and mind of this relationships pent up stress
For her to see me writing, yes she is happy that I'm alive
But she can tell by my writings after seeing her avatar, that my passion for her still survives
I sit on the rock of ins and out, watching that swirl in her eyes
Hoping and praying for the day that those pouty lips will once again show me a smile
But until then I'm stuck with what we cause, waiting on her avatar to excite me
with my mind the handle, my heart serving as the bowl, of the spoon stirring my coffee
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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