white privilege is an illusion  
racism is a myth  
bigotry lacks real truth  
privilege is not a privilege  
the war on the poor  
is in the main, achieved by  
divide and conquer  
oppression is real  
the upper 1% actively  
promotes hate and division  
and it works as a tactic  
black against white  
brown against a light tan  
country against country  
gay verses straight  
binary versus trans  
employed versus unemployed  
Christian against Muslims  
Hindus against atheists  
making the days longer  
making the days risky  
making the nights dangerous  
the poor regardless of colour  
are used as cannon fodder and  
they are the first to die in droves  
the smart suit of the poor  
is a vinal zipper body bag  
old and privileged generals  
send poor white soldiers to their death  
the vast majority of the world's population  
regardless of colour and creed  
are slaves and have masters and owners  
I love my brothers and sisters  
without bigotry or racism  
we're are all the same under the skin  
revolt, revolution and rebellion  
pitches the poor and against the poor,  
the very people that should be comrades in arms  
the super-rich the 1%  
for the good of themselves  
and their privileged ilk  
they are taking control  
control of media and news  
banking and property  
suppression of freedom  
speech and expression  
censoring poems like this  
there is a war going on  
it is the elites versus  
anyone not in their club  
the fight is out there  
it is against them  
celebrate our differences  
we should all stand together  
against the real enemy  
my enemy is not black  
my enemy is not Muslim  
I have only one enemy  
the super-rich, the upper 1%  
a tyrant is always a tyrant  
as long as you remain on your knees
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
Published | Edited 12th Feb 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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