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I saw this sign in a cards and chocolate shop around Valentines Day which read: Love 50% off, and I thought how did we get to this? There are so many things wrong with it. They have a discounted version of love available, and well, I guess Iím lucky, because I canít afford much with this shitty job.
  †I see so many people walking around eyes down into their phones and I can see why love is cheaper than it was. I see no passion for life, no fire, and no style. All I see is pacified people walking to and from work, back to their living rooms to stream T.V until they pass out.
 † † †Iím sure youíve heard the expression a picture paints a thousand words, well I believe the right words can paint a thousand pictures, and real music is free range organic intoxication. †
 † † †
I am scared about the future; the future looks pretty bleak for every day working people, or people on hourly rates. Youíre alright if you have a bit of property and cash. If you donít you are fucked. I was born in a country where the National Health Service was available for every human being, and now a corrupt government seeks to privatise it and make it as shit as the American healthcare system, which only serves those who can afford it. It is a sad time. I suggest you keep staring into your phones because when you look up and look around you it will turn your hair grey overnight. One day they will advertise medical care the same way they advertise love on Valentines Day. The Christmas Flu special: get your flu jabs half price, for limited time only, while stocks last.
Hate is much cheaper than love, everybody can hate, you need only watch the news for a week, and then you start to hate things; other human beings, foreign human beings, yourself (for we all know climate change is the fault of people who donít recycle). You watch and read the news for a year you might even start believing it, mythology is back, you might start thinking the politicians actually care about something more than the aggrandisement of themselves and those above them. Hate is easy and itís cheap. It builds in strength when you work your self into a heap of ill fatigue, and then you look at your bank balance and see it has less in it than you had before you got the shitty job. At least there is a half price sale on love. Hate builds when you drink alone and watch the news. The two combined can turn a happy person into a beast of narrow-minded violence. I have seen a man, froth at the mouth over the news; he was so angry the veins popped out of his head. I didnít like to say that it may not have been true, and that they may have been exaggerating the story to create a reaction.
 † † †Thatís the oldest form of manipulation. You wouldnít care if the story was small and everyday: ďa man lost a sheep.Ē However if the story was exaggerated: ďShepard loses herd to pack of wolves,Ē thatís a different story and if you were told that every day, you would begin to fear imaginary wolves. And if they said it was the failures of the last regime that led the wolves to the village, then anything is possible.
 † † †I bet in the time it has taken you to read this, you have been told about three different news stories that have made you scared or angry or both. If you havenít then go and buy some love before they run out. We need all the love we can get in this world. † † † †
Written by Frustrated_prole
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