Truth Be Told

I really feel the need to get away from consumerism and materialism. From the wealthy corporations, busy cities, and billionaires; the fast food industries, tech giants, and pharmaceutical companies that rule this country
—perhaps, even the world. Away from this destructive machine that humanity has created... And the restless blur of a society that never sleeps.
We are supposedly "the greatest country on Earth", yet we are divided more than ever; and clearly the system that we have in place is broken, yet the mad maestros continue to conduct this cacophony of sound right into the ground. This capitalist society is miserably failing our morality. People starve on the street, while we overindulge on our sweets. People die of illness because they can't afford medicine, when we have everything we need, and more. Screw this left and right shit, this is a matter of morality. We're sick. But let's just continue to convince ourselves that everything is just fine.  
We are so afraid, guarding our camps, hoarding our goods. Fear makes us selfish, less compassionate... It makes us irrational and angry. Defensive and unreasonable. We become less capable of empathy and love. Yet we thirst for it. We feel that something is wrong, but we can't quite put our finger on it. We feel it more and more, the more we start to think about it. It's time to break these traditions. To put an end to this division. That is what I envision...
Look at the statistics, we are so unhappy, yet we have every modern convenience and commodity. We have our fancy smart phones, cars, and clothes. Our glorified ideals. Our corporate gods — Mere plastic idols in the face of this Holocene horror scene that has stripped the planet of anything natural. That has stripped us of our humanity. The industrial era of man, the age of automation, where man became part of the machine; where the rich get richer, and the poor work their lives away. In this world, in our society, money, mere paper, takes precedence over basic human rights. Over morality. Look at the richest men in our nation, sitting on their thrones of gold. Making hundreds of millions in days! With their million dollar homes, eating steak and filet mignon... flying in their private jets to their private islands to enjoy their private little lives.
Studies have shown that wealthier, more powerful people tend to be less empathetic. When we never have to struggle, we forget what it's like to struggle. Some of us are so far beyond our basic needs, living lavish lives of extravagance and greed. For those who have seen adversity, it is easier to feel the pain of another. Why are we so afraid of our own brother? We’re taught from birth... To think this is normal. That this is what we're supposed to be doing. We just continue to play the game. Think, think, think! Dare to question your reality, and this 'American dream' that we've conceived. Wake up and smell the roses. There's more to this world than what's in front of our noses. We're so dehydrated by our thirst for more, more, more that we simply can't see the truth anymore. We're lost in the desert, led by a mirage, a dream that is no longer even tangible.
If we can learn to let go of our fear, and learn to love again; if we recognize our folly, then maybe... Just maybe, we can begin to make a change. It's really nothing too radical or strange. I don't claim to know a solution, nor do I have everything figured out. I am just as lost as you. This is my truth.
Written by NewBeginnings
Published | Edited 10th Feb 2020
Author's Note
This was just kind of a free-flow of thought more than it was a poem... very opinionated, again. I typed this one at a computer, so I don't know how well it will display on a phone. Just something...
This was just kind of a free-flow of thought more than it was a poem... very opinionated, again. I typed this one at a computer, so I don't know how well it will display on a phone. Just something that I feel needed to be said.
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