Alzheimerís - Learning yourself all over again (through their eyes)

ďThe best of me will slowly die, be strong for me no need to cry. When it takes my mind and health, I'll be a stranger of myself. Even when I'm beyond confused, thatís the time i need you most. So stand beside me donít leave me now, I'll find a way to you somehow.Ē

Please tell me Iím worth the fight,
please tell me everythingís alright.
I didnít mean this burden caused,
no longer act, or behave as who I once was.
I stand before you, my mind does not,
a life once shared, I now forgot.
I canít always be in control,
so take my mind but leave my soul.
Each day goes as life slowly withers,
Away to nothing only heartache and tears.
Love conquers all its truest wonít fail,
Your patience and sacrifice has it's how to read something her
 way to prevail.
Iím alive, please donít think Iím suffering,
trying to stay grounded, always still struggling.
Time is all I have left yet itís becoming my enemy,
I cherish these moments even in times of misery.
So think of a word or a comment,
in a matter of time, I'll come back to that moment.
Soon it will fade but the memory came through,
Iíll do all that I can to come back to you.
I am a mystery in everything,
life, nature, its beauty has a mystery.
A mind tainted makes for the longest goodbye,
I'm screaming and itís dearest husband.
Iím scared, I canít remember,
your sudden touch... I'm reunited
all of two seconds...that happiest moment.
Confused...back at square one,
the memory has now gone.
Next to a stranger,
I'm feeling in danger,
as the thoughts go through your head.
Who am I? Am I dead?
How would you feel
if your heart is hurting,and there's no way to heal.
Growing old, feeling lost and sad,
while everyone feels bad...
Your mind is only a blank state,
I'm agitated, mad full of hate.
As the memory will soon fade,
as if erased ... just gone away.
It seems so unfair,
and nothing can prepare,
for the heartache we will have,
when we lose ourselfÖ this quick likeÖ

Written by Crazontheinside (Joanna Ryan-McDonald)
Author's Note
Continuation of my other Alzheimers only this one is through the eyes of the illness. Joanna
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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