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Alzheimer's - To master the art of forgetting

“How do you grieve the loss of someone you love is still alive?
How do you keep it together, how do you want to survive?  
You treasure the memories and great times together.
We never forget them ... Forever and ever.”

Life comes with many challenges,
As we all develop we focus our talents.
Being in control makes the challenge seem easy,
since our mind helps maintain what we see.
But what happens when you lose your mind?
You become a lesser child inside?
Within the months, days, years...
fading, losing yourself then disappear.
Life  changes from that day on,
stable one withdrawn.
Fighting off battles of confusion each day,
You strive for a better today.
Sick of feeling  you don’t matter no more,
You're still you, from that time ago.
They call you diseased, but your sick, not contagious.
You’re a person who’s strong, brave and courageous,
to have their loved ones so close yet so far away.
Their entire life as they knew it, erased,
as they’re bathed, dressed and reminded each day.
From the simplest task, to a word comes with delay.
Their memories stolen but they're worth a fight,
it’s a brain disease, it’s still them inside.
It’s up to us to remember the love when they forget,
they want to know they’re still loved, not feeling regret.
Since love is a feeling, it’s something you can’t take,
conquering all, is a bond that can’t break.
Seems the more the mind knows,
the faster it grows.
Thinking pieces of your life are missing,
as the time you have left is drifting.
Once brave and strong,
now broken and lost,
how can you grieve the loss of the living?
Or mourn the loss of someone still breathing?
They all talk, act and behave unique in a way.
It’s not in their stages, but the person they are today.
So please remember the good times,
always prepare for the worst nights.
Tell them they're beautiful despite their aggression,
words like I love you can trigger memory reaction.
Never argue to what they see,
instead agree to disagree.
Live in their moment...their bubble,
be there in their trouble,
help them being reminded
that they're loved with mere kindness.
Never remind them of a memory,
its torture and hurts you tremendously.
Because living with Alzheimer's
eats away at their mind, bringing in fears,
till their brains no longer here,
and you've cried your last tear.

Written by Crazontheinside (Joanna Ryan-McDonald)
Author's Note
What do you do when your loved one forgets you? how do you deal with it? how do you help? We show our love, be strong and be there ttil there gone even when its hard... Joanna Ryan-McDonald
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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