The Birth of an Outlaw

Too old to start making waves  
But seen too much to keep going along to just get along
This is the Birth of an Outlaw  
Used to be a Rightie  
Now I'm SouthPaw  
And if you've seen the Shit that I saw  
Then you too  
Might be an Outlaw  
You see,  
They shot that little boy dead  
(Tamir Rice)  
No more Dr. Seuss  
Or tucked in bed  
Body in the streets  
His blood is Red  
"My Baby!!" is what his mama said  
They killed that girl (Atatiana Jefferson) in her house  
She was babysitting  
Lights were out  
Now what the F@#k is that about?  
All these politicians losing clout  
Well now T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E is coming thru  
(In the words of Tupac Shakur, "The Hate You Gave Little Infants, F@#k Everybody)  
And if you don't like it  
F@#k You  
This is payback for the things you do  
So let me tell you what I'm gonna do  
One Shot Kill Everything  
Every bullet in the 10 ring  
You ain't ready for the pain I'll bring  
Cuz One Shot Killing Everything  
Snatched a woman out of her car  
(Sandra Bland)  
Said that what she did broke the law  
The next day in jail  
A corpse we saw  
But ain't nothin on the video y'all  
He went for a run all by himself
(Ahmaud Arbery)
Perhaps his right turn, should have been a left
McMichaels said,
"He deserves death"
Then claimed it was defense of self

Killed a man over cigarettes  
(Eric Gardner)  
And some bootleg video cassettes (Alton Sterling)  
They killed nine in a church  
And yet  
They say that I'm posed to forgive  
and forget  
Well it's The Birth of an Outlaw  
Used to be a Rightie  
Now I'm SouthPaw  
And if you've seen the things that I saw  
Then you too  
Might be an Outlaw  
This piece is for those folks who see Black folks like the lawyer in "The Green Mile" saw John Coffey. Like an insignificant animal who deserves only death for demanding to be treated as sentient beings deserving respect. Just a stray cur dog to feed table scraps instead of the feeling, intelligent, magnificent examples of God's handiwork and grace that we actually are.  
You love me  
I'll love you back  
You hate me  
I'll respond in kind
Written by FATBOY300PLUS
Published | Edited 8th May 2020
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