City Ramblings

A small band singing on a busy street
Iím walking by molding with the city crowd
watching me watching them
ignoring the passion passing through their ears lost somewhere on graffiti walls
tall buildings overlooking the piss  
in alleyway holes, homeless shooting up
dreams of butterflies floating on political lies
and tied down,
Well weíre all tied down and-
Weíre missing accountability
weíre lost on this Dream-
weíre lost on the things we long for
but canít ever be  
weíre missing our stability
walking with spit-shine beat  
to the corporate machine
weíre missing~
Or was it the warmth of our mother
when she cooked breakfast  
as we colored in the living room?
same kid tunes playing on the tv screen
from morning till late afternoon
roof above our heads and stable-
then falling asleep to bedtime stories
she told in our early summers,
tucking us under covers in the night?
Are we missing clarity?  
something beyond empty wallets
sitting in bars watching time waste  
letting our loverís call go to voicemail  
like they never even mattered at all?  
Well.. at least godís a girl
small mercies are indeed merciful
distractions and attractions
to make the white walls a tolerable,
necessary type of evil so we can continue
stepping forward towards..
Well, iím not sure  
and the two guys kissing in the corner
are free to love, to marry, to fuck
but fuck..
the lengths we went for the vision
of Love was filled  
with blood, with hurt, with death
and Iíll be damned  
if I ever saw the world revert to the hatred
that sung on a fatherís lips  
when he saw his son in dresses,
the hatred that sung on my loverís tongue
when he saw a whore like me  
could love more than a douche like him,
the hatred in the worldís eyes  
when we took to the streets
and fought for a love we werenít sure
could exist in a world where women
still get stoned for not bearing sons,
murdered for the pen in their fingers  
paper filled with their dreams of loving
another woman-
Fuck, Iím lucky Iím an American
you know..
the majority of my friends hate this place
and maybe.. maybe youíd hate it less
if you step away from the city street mess,
bless your ears with the songs of small bands
playing for the busy deaf
remember the battles won  
for equality and quality  
and the battles weíve still yet to win  
despite the cogs still turning
in the corporate machine,
the politicly gaining schemes
played by the greedy cunts
on tv screens with no love
in their stone cold hearts  
weíve still got some fight left
and iíll be damned if i fought
for anything besides

the growth of the human race~
Written by fieryangelsouljia (M6rr6g6n)
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