I am an unlit torch
Waiting for a spark to find me
I was made to carry an eternal flame
But those fires struggle in the meagre light and spitting rain of civilising countries

I am an unlit torch
Doused in oil
No longer timber
Not yet flame
Waiting to be set alight
By the ever burning soul of the Beloved
Who's light shone in so many others
In the land my father left behind

It calls to me
hums and rattles inside my veins
And sets my feet to itching
Says Beloved
Shed your name like a tattered rag
And find yourself on the path of love
Following footsteps laid before you
But as I give in to ancient passions
dye myself in loving shades
and cover myself in a mystics robe of smoke and wool

I find no sunlit souls
No shams and no qalandar
No bulleh nor any basri
No man or woman
Of beautiful soul
Waiting to guide my feet
Into the first steps
On the scorched path of love
Once beaten upon the earth by bare feet

Now that path has become a road
Covered in tarmac
From greed to ungratefullness
Walked by millions
And the sufis have turned to smoke
The dervishes still spin
but in opposite directions
And the call to love
Become an echo
That rings through me
and keeps my veins from caving In
And maybe that's all that's left
Words to be read
With nothing left to write
Intentions set in stone

Nothing left to do
Except stitch lost souls back together
Into a multi coloured cloak
To spread across the world
And speak the words left to us
For once in unison
And with no fear of nooses
We can become the message
We can be that which wont fit into language
But only grasped through silence

God lives in hearts
So love without abandon
Without care or cause
And if heartbreak visits
Remember to surrender
Down can be better than upside
And treasure is only found in ruins

Written by DystopianMelody
Author's Note
I've been trying to write this poem for years, this isnt its entirety, but maybe it cant be written in full. Ah well... (also shams was the teacher of rumi, qalandar etc his contemporaries)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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