Image for the poem 🔥mashaal मशाल🔥:  burn the burn

🔥mashaal मशाल🔥:  burn the burn

fa l l e n  nights  
strain slowmuskenluscioscly into a trigger~swollen    
bulbous stream of smooth-cutting  laminars.. lasering tight    
indigoish beams, serially trickling alchemical the golden    
molten flamelets
         मशाल (mashaal)!.. தீப்பிழம்பு~Thee Pizhambu ~the torch of flaming fire  
swtiching on the autobeastly mode, our everovernightly torch    
burns on . ...burn the burn.. in the sweatly secreting secretive hues    
of,  an accentuating darkly blanketing bluish mat..  that tears up    
as slicing ultraviolet fluorescing flashlets
burn the  b u r n,  my  
unputadownably unlockdownable reentrant matchstick newmoon    
..combusting the skies in roaring groan, your bulk untamable Shiva-ic~dreadlock    
bundle thickly drums in
  சடாமுடி. (sadaamudi),    
the smotherflow(er)ing cosmic fabric... lures in diamond-embed elastic    
stretchiness spreads ...of incrementally abrasive (star)dusts in magneticious    
spinning virilities ploying foreplaying preambles of our unitary trysts
   அமாவாசை (amavasya) the newmoonish-eyed spell of seductions  
erect hard my pithy purplish circling nipfleshy circumference, the undyingly twin    
globe amaranth Gomphrena globosa wholesome mounds slip & slide ameobic    
surrender in breaststroke tectonics,  those terribly aching feverish vibes.... desiccate    
sudden, the loosened ligaments juggle in an overnight irony of retting electrocutions,    
cracking bodily margin bleakly hangs in ..only
to cellularly~suffer an eternality...a deadly chronic consuming    
intense romanterotic bouts of
வலசை நோய் (valasai noi).. a    
fragile frame from generous inner drifting vacuum
{of your uneyeing untouching sidelining, such gentlemanly~ censors    
as the dreaded stigmatic periods of ignorance ....burns blackmagical    
even the evergreen Neem a traumatic winter in self-arsonous    
sooty canopies, as if irreversible...}
the overflowing brittle benthic ever-reminiscent mineral oceans    
of your deposited salts ...are now summer-sucked to almost knee~thigh    
craving succulent edible lengths..further thoroughly fucked in the roasted    
hot bedding sands of your soaking burns
"deep-socketing eye cavities of this hammeringly fractured skeletal garden    
 ...blooms as a dramatically muted, conspicuous white-rouged big-kohl eyed    
perhaps a paradise bird.... & but echoing like the very auburned blacks of    
"bottle-bird" the Greater Caucal… the contrasts thicken its presence"
 சார மகத்துவ மஹிமை~ (saara mahathuva mahimai)~ the    
                                                                          glorifying essence in greatness
to the extent of…. excavating back the hibernating Nilgiris ~Blue Mountains    
in the glaucous blue ribboned smothers of beady gumming knotted Eucalyptus    
dreams... in the so- hazy dissolvingly lost nano-sharp running margins of the majestic    
Ghats to the buzzing grainy aerosol skies in mergence with the obligately obstinate    
fogginess blankets.. tightened as sludgy lungs in thick brown phlegm~ a pernicious    
logjam drowning in a lethal refluxing cocktail of acidic biles & itchy irritating    
particulate pollutants  …all in a vain pain-swollen dark dungeoned throaty lumps    
in random killer jumping episodic sliding avalanches... in further barricading    
the glacial trancing pathways & facial patterning suns of golden complexions…
 these.  >>
>> delusional wintry numbing bitterness in its satanic swinging sways    
exorcises by a solarizing January’s quantum photonic bumper harvest  
crop.. that arrays in rays.. tear in the earthen atmos.. to linger in my teary ev  
eye corner mirrory milken to glassy mercury droplets, winged fluidic  
'paramporul'~ the god particle ~atoms    
in their unperturbed osmotic swims unto my oceanic plasmic core… cosmic syncs to feel  their opening portal gateways..  in n-flashing~  
~slicing~ layering fluorescing ultraviolet planes in simultaneity    
with staggeringly innumerous newness dimensions    
cutting across to our One souleye in fusing forever..  
the lost Lemurian Spirit resurfaces a turmeric yellow lighted dawning    
~massive chunk of Olympic firing torch *mashaal* of our One Souleye a Diwali (e)mergence   >> between the sweat-embed dewdropfresh dusky    
breasts of saltish sultry cleavage valleys.. & through each  of the magnified    
crisscrossing viscose cellular eye fenestrae<<
  they are in merging visions    
as One magnificence..  from  …opening up unconditionally,  as if there    
were never ever any marring threads in this fine-spun jockey-sweat tops    
…as I bend deep on knees with head down in yogic asana's harmony ..towards    
frosted 'hope-laden' window.. that amplifies sunrise as our fireball Nuclei    
..the trickling straight pinnate rays as light-pencilling slants.. channels in    
as dosing in 'silken route' isthumus that collide & coalesce each our    
fuelling fusing magnetic eye~eye, i~i as unitary fiery rising free sparklets …
O N E  
is the sacred  
third eye,  the  
mantric fire    
burn the b u r n  
*mashaal *  
of  T H E centric    
(#YuvanShankarRaja 's 2005 tamil film score)
song.. further forever heats up the heat, this
Fire. Of Love....from the oozing Blue Nights & Its
condensing wholesome dewdrops...over
our Sky & Flesh,  Eyes & Soul..
the first two verse of song lyrics translated:  
" why does your dewdrop heats me up..
    and, why doth my sun's molten from thus.."

Written by summultima (uma)
Published | Edited 1st Feb 2020
Author's Note
just needed this. this firing stream of consciousness to be versed... 'mashaal' (मशाल from Hindi) let it 'burn the burn' in love's freeform traverse so endless, so spiritual, pure & passionate...all with within nature..that drives accentuates n liberates us in the destinred know. For Us, this Ournessness Onenesness ev, Rob xx

* there are liberal usage of words in Tamil & some in Hindi
*pic: self- created by fusion of some web pics.
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