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Morning Delights

    I awaken to the feeling of strong arms wrapped around me. I feel myself being  
pulled closer to the heat of your body. My eyes slowly open, my limbs still heavy from  
sleep. The warmth of your breath on the back of my neck “Good morning little girl, did  
my sexy little one sleep well”. Before I can reply your lips trail kisses down my neck. I  
gasp as your hand slowly travels down between my thighs. Your fingers slowly slipping  
inside of my heat, your lips nipping at my shoulder. I feel your hard cock rubbing up  
against my ass “Daddy wants you”.
     You roll over onto your back, I know what’s expected immediately. Your hands  
gently grab my hair as my body slides down over yours. Leaving a trail of kisses in my  
wake. I slowly take your cock in my mouth, licking around the tip. Going all the way  
down, taking the full girth in my mouth. I hear the sounds coming from you as I love  
your cock with my mouth and tongue. I’m lost in the taste and sounds of you; I  realize  
that you have released my hair. Your hand softly cupping my check lifting my face up  
to meet your eyes. “Take me inside of you little girl ”, I rise and position myself over  
your cock still covered from the moisture from my mouth. I push down and we  
both moan in unison, the feeling of myself stretching around you. I look down at you  
and see you looking up and your hands grasping. I move quicker turned on by the look  
of pleasure on your face. My body out of control my moves frenzied as I near my  
orgasm. The first wave hits and I’m trembling, moaning and grinding on you.
    You sit up looking straight in my eyes, your hands running across my breasts.  
Your finger pinching my nipples, your mouth devouring mine. You start thrusting and I  
push down grinding on you. My head is thrown back moaning, the feeling of being  
filled so intense. I feel your hand go through my hair pulling my head forward. Your  
mouth meets mine again, tongues intertwining. Moaning in each other’s mouth, our  
bodies moving fluidly together. Your moans become louder and guttural.  I move  
quicker as your thrusts become harder. I feel your hands digging into my flesh as you  
get closer to your orgasm. My body responding in kind, my breath coming out in short  
gasps. I feel your body shaking as your cum shoots inside of me, the heat pulsating  
inside me triggering my orgasm. I scream as my body is trembling and I’m Cumming on  
your cock. Our bodies fall back mine draped across yours. Your arms around me and  
our contended bodies still connected.
Written by Oliviahoney
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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