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An encounter that went from
To intrigue
From mind blowing sex
To an interesting mystery where not knowing was even more exciting than the sex
It was a game of cat and mice
Now rewind
Back up
Here comes the conversation of getting to know each other
Taking a step back from the mental and physical
To elevating it up to the emotional
Ding- dong
Me looking on my phone to see who’s at the door
Smiling feeling all emotional inside at the thought of him standing at my door
“Hello how may I help you,” I asked through the video speaker on the doorbell
“Hi, I would like to properly introduce myself to you,” he said in a strong authoritative voice
I had to inform him that I was still at work and that I would be home
Today after 6:30 pm
And that he could stop by around 7:00 pm
He agreed
I finished up at work
Got home made sure the house was presentable
Changed into something comfortable
T-shirt, a pair of jogging pants with my monogramed tennis shoes
As I make my way to the kitchen to prepare some appetizers for the meeting with Peeping Tom
And my dinner for afterwards
 The doorbell rings
I open the door to let Peeping Tom into my house
In his hands was takeout from Sullivan’s, along with a bottle of Moscato
He followed me into the kitchen, washed his hands and asked, “where do you keep the plates, silverware and glasses?”
He leads me to the table, pulls out my chair, and slides the chair back in
He pours me a glass of Mascoto
I slowly drink the wine while he fixes the plates as if he was the chef who had prepared this tasty meal
Plating it as if he was being scored for presentation
As we sat at the table and begin to eat
Our eyes locked
And my ears hung onto his every word
Hi, my name is Thomas
“You can call me Tom,” with a mischievous grin sprawled across his lips
I wanted to let you know that I wasn’t sorry for the way things started off with us
You were too beautiful that I couldn’t resist going along with the sparks that were flying between the two of us
For that, I will not apologize
As we continue to converse on things we have in common,
All I could think about was him being my well-hung chocolate dessert
As my mind is leading me to the wonderful sex that he could give
I was taken away when he said, “I would like to court you “
“What do you think of that?”
Since the first day that I got up the nerve to come over and tease your juicy wet pussy (hoping on the way over that I wouldn’t spaz out and not go through with it)
Damn, I am so glad I didn’t
You have woken up a fire and passion in me that I thought I had lost
And the events that took place after that
I knew that you were someone that I wanted to really get to know and
And if things work out, I am going to make you my Wife
Like I said, I want this to be the START OF SOMETHING GOOD
I wanted to take him right then and there
He stood up walked over to me
Lifted me up in his strong arms and
Kissed me with a passion that sent a wave of warmth through my body
And a wetness in my panties
As I could feel a growing, straining against his pants
Looking into my eyes, he says, “this flame that is burning between us will have to simmer until your likes become my likes, my likes become your likes and our likes become as ONE”
“You will be me; I will be you and we will be ONE”
Once we have become as ONE then
Our UNION will be of ONE LOVE
For a Marriage of LOVE is of GOD
Then he presented me a card that read: I will forever be your Peeping Tom, Your LOVING HUSBAND THOMAS
We then walked upstairs to our bedroom returning to our reality of HUSBAND and WIFE and made LOVE as the LOVERS we have been since the
Written by micki49 (Alicia Young)
Author's Note
A fantasy between Husband and Wife
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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