Once my priorities of noteworthy centered around success and making money. Till the Grim Reaper, that sneaky shadowy creeper, surrounded my heart with a cancerous tumor.  

For nearly a year he tried to drag me through Death's door, across a needle strewn floor, but I resisted his persistence.  Finally, the Grim Reaper disappeared but not before saying, "Be rest assured,  someday I will return."  
Forever after my priorities have changed.  Money has become nothing more than an annoying necessity.  Success is defined by treating others as I would me.  
The most significant change has been my perception of 'Time.'  I used to defined Time by numbers posted on a wall that ruled my day.   My priorities were confined within the boundaries of a round ticking sign. ⏰  
Now, Time, has become abstract.  Consequently, I have more of it.  So much more, I always can find the time to say 'Hi' to a neighbor or 'Hello' to a stranger.  I always have enough time to hug those I love.  In fact, I have so much more time, I can't help but pet each and every dog I meet.  I've even been known to occasionally take the time the time to scratch an unappreciative wincing arrogant cat.  
So, my friends, always know that instantly your priorities will change, once you meet the Grim Reaper and see Death's door.  This fact you cannot ignore.
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Written by snugglebuck
Author's Note
This is an experiment in writing a poetic prose.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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