Weight Game

As the days get shorter
and the nights get longer
I mourn my love for you
the touch of your words adorn winters blissful cold on my lips
My soul was torn as I yearned for one last kiss
I know they’re  rules to this shit
But why can’t we break them for the sake of time
Because it doesn’t rewind
But memories do
As we went back and forth  
From loveRs to foes  
Hot summer to the lonely winters cold
Leaves falling from the trees
Like my heart fell to my knees
When you said you couldn’t love me
I know they’re rules to this shit
But your so beautiful
I couldn’t get out of the path when love hit like a stray bullet
Took one pull from its blunt  
Loves blunt
I was the hunted
Unarmed no defense  
My love was innocent
When I was into it
I just couldn’t stop fucking you in my mind
I know they’re  rules to this shit
In This game
It’s hit or miss
Biting lips
Rubbing tits
There’s suppose to be no attachments  
No feelings  
Just sexual attraction  
No jealousy reactions
And reacting off of emotions
Rule number  1
No asking questions
Where,  When, Why
In public not even a Hi
I don’t know you  
You don’t know me
Or my number 4 if your my # 3
No crossing paths with number 5,6,7 Eight  
I know they’re rules to this shit
But how you make me feel is like no other could
Your touch increases that dopamine  
I’m hooked on your pussy  
It dope nah mene  
You activate That receptor in my brain Serotonin
I’d find happiness in hearing you Moaning  
I always hope that no 1 ever  intervenes on our love  
I know they’re rules to this shit
So I leave before the morning  
Enter before the midnight  
No after hours texts or calls
I cannot cuddle with you into dawn
My soul is torn as I yearn for one last kiss
Winters blissful cold on my lips
The touch of your lips whispering to my body
Your tearing my love apart for you  
And the nights get longer
As the days get shorter  
My heart is nicked Deeper and deeper
Addiction growing louder like the bass on speaker to speaker
I refuse to be weaker than weak
Letting this pen leak out it’s ink about you
 I know they’re rules to this shit  
So I drop 3’s like JaVele McGee  
You don’t know me well
My # 4, 5,6,7,Eight and Nine  
Stay in line  
Just for the fuk
I never give 2 a fuk
Because I keep 1 main bitch that never  
Cares who I fuk
I know they’re  rules to this shit
You were suppose to be the only one to break up the line  
Nine, eight seven six five four  
, you were 3 for the 1 and 2 combined
I wanted to love you over everything  
But you don’t know how to love me back  
And the night gets longer  
As the day get shorter
My heart is a son of bitch  
You no longer exist  
Move the numbers around like Weight  
#1,2,3,4,5 ,6 ,7 Eight!
Part 1
Red_ Curtain$ 2020
Written by Red_CurtainS (SEVEN-ONE-EIGHT)
Published | Edited 25th Jan 2020
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