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A Trail to Remember

Met by chance as I was hiking an old trail
route not a soul in sight until I saw you, sat down on an old boulder taking in the views, I said hey in passing but you invited me to stay, asking if I had any spare water as you where all out of it, I was happy to oblige.

You took some out of my canteen, licking your lips from left to right very slowly, then your teeth bit into your bottom lip, I look at you as I could have swore you where doing that for my benefit but I brushed it off as no chance

You went to hand my canteen back when you asked if you could pour a little over your face as you where too hot, I instantly thought damn right you are but snapped out of it and said yea sure why not, you put one hand back on the edge of the boulder and pushed your vest covered breasts into the air, then poured the water over your face ever so slowly at that point I was convinced it was for my Benefit but again decided to brush it off as I wasn’t sure if you where prancing me or not

as I went to walk off, you asked if I wanted to walk together as there was no one around for miles and it’s a bit lonely walking up here on your own, I accepted as you seemed friendly enough, I put the canteen away and we began to walk up the trail, I asked if you where a tourist like me or where you from the area, you simply replied I am a local, I said fair enough and we began chatting as we get into a slightly shaded part, it only shaded for a couple hundred yards or so.

We stopped for a short rest on an old tree which had come down in what looked like bad weather, kind of like a natural bench. You put your rucksack on the ground then took your vest off, I asked what you where doing but you just replied that you liked to hike topless and no one would care as no one was around, I looked at boobs how could I not and said to you if you see a bulge in my trousers I apologise, you turned and laughed a little then said “would that be bad thing”, I laughed as well as I wasn’t sure what to say.

I bent down to pick up your rucksack, as I was bending down you put your hand on my chin, turning my face towards yours. I looked right into yours eyes and kissed you, as we began to kiss exchanging tongue, you bit on my lip tugging it towards you, I got down on my knees to level off the height difference, as you began to kiss across my cheek then biting on my ear and down my neck, I placed my hands on your breasts gently squeezing them as I kissed your soft skin, it was getting hot fast and I don’t mean the weather, your hands where tugging at my shirt

I stopped your hands and lifted my shirt off, you began kissing down my neck on to my chest biting me all over and licking and biting my nipples, I stood up and took a step back as I thought to myself should I be doing this, wouldn’t this be better suited to my hotel so I asked you and you replied “here is just fine I’m game if you are”, that was practically a dare how could I turn down such a thing, so I turned you around and bent you over the log, your bum pointed up at me, you began to twerk it, I reached around your beautiful body and unbuttoned your short shorts as you stood up straight allowing them to fall to the ground, I couldn’t help but admire your legs, well toned very smooth with a nice tan.

I spread your legs then pulled your hair back it was handy as you had it in a pony tail as I pulled it back I whispered in your ear “you wanted naughty, your going to get down right and dirty”, you smiled slightly thinking I wouldn’t notice but I did. I put my hand between your legs, sliding your thong to the side and began rubbing your Labia, I could feel your pussy become ever more wet by the second through your expensive looking threads, “yes, right there” you moaned.

I bent you over slightly and spanked your cheeks “no talking” I replied.

You stood there almost naked, I began to kiss the back of your neck then down your left shoulder down your arm all the way down your back as I get to your bum I kissed your firm cheeks then bit them then continued down your thigh, right down to your walking boots, then did the same but on the right side all the way back up, once I was finished, I bent got between your legs placing my hand on your bum and began to suck on your plump labia using my hands to pull your vagina close in, your moans where soft and low at first as I worked your labia sucking, kissing and licking at it on both sides, your pussy was dripping wet, staining the parched grounds with the flavour of your beautiful pussy, as I moved on to your clitoris I used one of my thumbs to massage your bum hole whilst I was licking your clit with rapid succession my tongue whipping at it, your moans grew a little in depth, at this point your hands where gripping my hair pushing my face deep into your pussy

I rubbed my fingers over your dripping cunt soaking them and using that as natural lubricant as I nothing else like it, I started finger your bum as I pulled your hair back, I bent you over slapped your bum cheek and continued to finger fuck your tight ass, you moan grew a little louder in depth some more as my thumb penetrated your bum, I stopped and asked you to get on your knees, I walked round took my shorts off then slipped my boxers off to, I pulled your hair back and put my balls in your mouth and told you to suck on them, you did happily to my surprise

As you sucked on my balls being very gently may I note I let go off your hair and stood there enjoying your tongue licking my sack as your mouth suctioned it whole, it was unbelievable, my hand hung back as you devoured me, as I was about to cum you told me you wanted in your face but I said no, I balanced my foot on the log then told you if you wanted it on your face you would have to work for it, I stood there as you took my cock in your hand and directed it over face and began stroking it slowly as I was about to burst but you teased a little licking the tip, sucking on it then following it up with rapid stroking, I started to pant and then bang I sprayed cum all over your face, I apologised but you replied “why you sorry, I love it”.

I took a hand towel from my bag and wiped your face, you look beautiful I said as I wiped it all away, I put my cock in your mouth and my hand on your head and face fucked your mouth hard, pushing my cock down your throat, as you gagged I slowly withdrew then allowed you to suck me off, you took me deep ignoring your gags showing me just how dirty you are, as my cock thrusted your mouth my balls slapped against your chin, I wanted to cum again but stopped just in time

You stood up and bent over but I told you to wait as there was a peak a little bit a head, we put on our shorts and began walking again, your moist pussy was dripping down your legs, you kept looking and smiling at me, as we got to the top of the trail, there was a peak on the edge over looking a vast forest and mountain tops the sun was splitting the bright blue sky I walked over and was admiring the view when you joined me, I said get your shorts off here

As we both stripped down to our walking boots you, I told you to get down on your hands and knees over looking the forest, I get down behind you spreading your legs ever so slightly , I rubbed the tip of my cock against your bum hole before inserting it as I thrusted in and out slowly I leaned forward and said “look at that view” as my dick penetrated your tight ass deep I fucked you slowly and steadily over looking a land vast beauty, I eventually started to go a bit faster penetrating your hole deep and hard, your moaned echoed throughout the canyons as you started to cum soaking the cliff top in your much desired heavenly juices

I pulled out and rolled switched places with you, I lay flat on my back and my cock standing tall in the calm hot Humid air, you could see the heat waves surfing off of the surfaces , you got on top inserting my cock into your pussy and began to rock your hips back and fourth as I lay there free as a bird relaxing, your pussy grinding off of my cock and balls, I sat up and began to suck on your tits tugging at your nipples with my teeth, your back arched and you pushed me back down placing your hands on my thighs as your pussy began grinding on my cock taking me deep and hard into your carnal cavern, my hands twisting your nipples as your bounced up and down,

I wrapped my arm around your back and flipped you over, your two legs now leaning on my shoulder, my hands holding them in place and me on my knees thrusting my cock deep into your pussy, going hard and slowly, then fast penetrating your dripping wet cunt deep and relentless as you began to pant breathlessly, your moans echo’ing as my cock obliterates your defences, I pound your pussy slow and steady allowing you to cum drowning my cock in your heavenly cum.

As we sit there enjoying the view I invite you back to my hotel room for round 2.
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