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Good Girls

Cages are meant for no one  
and nothing and nobody
can ever lock you in  
No law set forth by man
can ever tame your wild soul
“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.”
-Roseanne Barr
You see just because
He’s got that bad boy
dark eyed, sweet lies  
bring girls to their knees
kind of vibe/
the quick hand
short fused,
black-eyed blues
Don’t mean you ever  
got to fucking bow  
I was a bad girl once
crawlin’ on my knees  
lost, a love-struck puppy  
beggin’ for his touch
I cradled his head in my hands
and let the poison of his thoughts
corrupt the love that flowed
beneath ink-hallowed skin
I didn’t know..
What a good girl truly does,
the power I could take
and use to erase
the fabricated reality
they created to sate  
the sadist they call
their God
Now I know..
Good girls light gassed trucks
smash bottles, rev throttles
gamble luck and flirt with death
fuck for fun and run~
under the moon, chasing stars  
in packs of wolves  
to sate a hunger for freedom
never collared, never stopped
tearing kingdoms down
Good girls cast magic  
in rage, pain, and tragedy
summoning kernels of strength  
on the shadows of their walls~
love spells/death spells
for the men who stole  
the best of their lives
Let the blood between your legs
be your paint of war  
beneath your tear-stung eyes
anointing your furrowed brow
and staining your shaking lips
Let the beat of your bleeding heart
echo as your drums tonight
wake the Goddess  
from her mournful rest  
let her roar in rage
at the suffering of her daughters
raped, slandered, abused
murdered, mutilated, sold
before her holy sight
There’s a stirring in the Earth  
Gaia turns, and the world knows
a Change has come
long in the making
a dawn that burns the retina
of hateful eyes
Good girls...  
We stand and fight
Written by fieryangelsouljia
Author's Note
Its been a while. Been busy as hell!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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