No end

"I fear tomorrow I'll be crying"
so today I'll be flying
 towards finding that freedom within 
which I plan to keep till the end of days
when mind body and soul part ways. 

Really I see no end though, 
only transformation, 
 a transition so spectacular 
and wondered about for centuries, 
everyone searching for the secrets assuming they should be spread, 
shared with the species
 but no one could/should ever claim to understand this universe
 not even one's own experience is enough to explain this enigma
we're all involved in
 ever since who knows when 
 but we're still right here
where we've always been, 
baffled by this bizarre state of being, 
still fleeing the feelings and 
 floating through fantasies so far out 
 and never spoke about due to the doubt dictating every decision, 
never sharing the vision, 
just slowly slipping away 
into the next day, week, month, year 
 till one reaches the "end" only to be ejected into another era in eternity.

Imagine your spirit
 living forever 
  transcending time all together. 
Imagine your mind
moving through space, 
imagine eternity
 as one perfect place. 

Imagine you're falling
down through the stars, 
imagine the feeling,
imagine the thrill,
imagine your fear
 as you float back down below,
imagine returning
 to the human shit show.

Imagine a country 
free from fucking fools, 
Imagine no systems,
free from fucking rules, 
Imagine a planet 
free from fucking pollution, 
Imagine the humans 
finally finding a fucking solution.

Follow us filming our own demise 
with phones in our hands
documenting our lives.

Follow the followers 
liking more posts,
Its gotta make you think 
where do you spend your time most? 

Imagine this species
 saving instead of slaying,
Imagine a world
 full of hopeful humans, 
Imagine the message
we're now portraying..

Trapped within screens 
   no matter our location 
   what ever happened to
mankinds concentration?

Imagine us loving 
instead of judging
imagine us playing 
instead of working..
Imagine a world with
 serenity surrounding, 
Imagine an existence
 not so confounding.

Imagine a life where
everything made sense,
Imagine the feeling
 of freedom from fear,
Imagine us not
 measuring our lives in years. 

Follow us down to the end
 of the timeline 
with our broken spines 
and melted minds, 
oh so senile in our final miles, 
we try to share those final smiles.
Written by Hunterapsych (Shaman among machines)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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