Crush Chronicles IX - The Significance

The new year came and went
And unlike last year
This year I had to
get my act together

Partying and drinking
Was no longer appealing
I was repeating
Whilst my friends
Were now in postgrad
The workload increased
And the only thing
I had going for me
Were my studies

We were getting deeper
Into our twenties
And could no longer
Behave like teens
Fresh out of high school

On the day of our last exam
We decided to meet up
We weren't all coming back
Next year so we knew that
We wouldn't see each other
As much as we used to
And I guess this was one last
Rodeo for old times sake

It wasn't even close to the evening
And there is just something
About the combination
Of meat and a fire
And when you add good company
Things just seem to be better

We were near a pool area
We weren't there to swim
But the girls that rocked up
From nowhere seemed to be
There for that very reason

The power old the words
Old times sake
The girls were younger than us
And the gap may not have been that big
But there was a huge difference
In what phases of life we were in
However soon
The two different parties
Became one

Things were starting
To get flirty
And everyone was starting
To choose their conterpart
3 for 3 it would seem
But in my case
It just so happened
That this girl had a boyfriend

We all knew that days like this
Lead to no love being lost

But my conviction
Didn't allow me to

We somewhere else to be
And this was actually
favouring my situation
Because had things progressed
I would've been an odd ball
Possibly a kill joy

That evening we went to
A comedy show
Look at how far we've come
From parties to
somewhat civil events

But that night
I think I got rewarded
To for sticking to my guns

Literally on the other side of
The room I noticed these two girls
The show had come to end
Allowing the audience to socialize
You know when you can feel
That someone is looking at you

So I decided to walk up to them
and as I got closer the one girl
Left the scene pointing
a finger at her friend

Now it was just the two of us
Given how her friend walked away
I assumed that I'd get a warm reception

"What you do want?"

Her tone was somewhat annoyed

"Well I noticed you
From across the room
And I just thought that...."

She wasn't giving me
The time of day

In my mind I told myself
Just keep going
But the girl wasn't budging

And I raised the white flag

Just as I was walking away
She pulled me back
Laughing at me

"I was just messing with you
I could tell that you're a nice guy
And I just thought that..."

Never have I ever
Taken such a deep
Sigh of relief

We spoke a little
It was about time
For everyone to leave
My friends were looking for me

So we exchanged numbers
I ended our interaction
With the following

"I'd really like to get to know you
When we're both more sober"

By the time we got back
I realized that her make up
Was on my t-shirt
When we embraced
She inadvertently left a mark

And when I looked at my phone
She had called me twice
I didn't know why
So I called her back
But when I looked at the time
It was around midnight

"Damn I hope she doesn't
Think that I was booty calling her"

She didn't pick up

Nor did she ever pick up
What was worse is that
She still had my number saved
As we could still see
Each others statuses

What game was she playing

I didn't actually want to find out
I guess the last few years
Had turned me into a cynic

If she was interested
She would actually
show some damn interest

I deleted her number
Hoping to forget about her
But the thing is I didn't
Although I met her once
This really felt significant

I may have been late
To the dating party
But life forced me to
Be a quick learner

Each of my crushes
Had a role in this
And I guess in the end
They all amounted to something
Each of them represent
A part of my own growth

They made for
good writing material

And now I am
Here I am again
Just a guy looking for
An even deeper kind of love
Written by Simon_III_Msibi (Mandla Msibi)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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