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Meet and Greet

It’s the beginning of spring, we finally meet after years of been virtually pen pals so to speak. I drive out where you live, but not your house of course, the wind is almost still a little breezy, the sky reaching far and wide blue as the tropics oceans, lined with jet fuel criss crossing and no clouds in site just the sun splitting the sky, the temperature is chilled.

We meet at a local café, a nice place very friendly staff, I get there first surprisingly and was already sitting in having a cup of coffee, latte to be exact. As you walk in the door I put the coffee down and stand up to invite you over as you reach my table you suggest we take a walk by the canal as it is a bit hot in here and that it’s a lovely day outside, as I get a coffee and can of juice for you to go we walk outside, you look at me and tell me that the canal is 15 minutes away, I suggest we take the car in case it rains as you never know it is Scotland.

You agree and we get in the car driving down to the canal, only took about 5 minutes, I pulled in to the car park its was more or less but I still managed to find a space, when parked up we took a slow walk along the canal talking away to each other, it was nice wasn’t awkward at all it was like we had known each other all our lives.

As we walk along we find this secluded spot by this old oak tree, we take a seat underneath its over hanging branches which create a bit of shade, for years we have flirted on and off but never actually acted upon the chemistry between us. We get talking about our fantasies and what we would like to do when you said why don’t we try one, as there is no one around. You take your jacket off then lift your blouse up and over your head revealing your black lace bra with a clip at the front instead of the back, I look around to see if anyone was near but no one was even close as it was complete silence. You get up on your knees and sit on my lap your left hand groping my cock as you look into my eyes, I looked back into yours and went in for a kiss.

As we start to kiss your and still caressing my cock, you unzip my jeans zip slipping your hand in between and down my boxers by passing my semi hard on and going straight for my balls, you grab them firmly in your hand taking my whole attention, I put my hand on your bra and un clip it revealing your perky breasts, your nipples already hard I knew then that you had planned this all along not that I was complaining as my hand began to caress your left boob my lips veer away from yours kiss down your face to I reach your neck, as I lay that first soft kiss upon your neck I feel the deep breath you take, the little moan you express hoping I wouldn’t notice.

I begin to kiss your neck slowly up and down switching sides at first then as I listen to your soft moans, I begin to bite a little then kiss a little stopping in between to look into your eyes. The intensity between us begins to heat up as I kiss your neck deeply your hand grasp the back of my hand holding me in position, as I listen to your moans getting louder I lay you down on the grass still kissing your neck deeply, my body over yours, your knee folded up your hands grazing through my hair like a person running through long grass, you push me to the ground and get on top of me, I sit up grasping your tit in one hand guiding that hardened nipple to my lips, as I begin to suck on it, tugging on your nipple with my teeth your moans grow in depth, your hands now pulling my shirt of over my head, my shirtless body now pressed against the jagged grass you lay over me your hair fully in casing my head as your begin to kiss me once more, your teeth tugging on my bottom lip as your lips kiss down to my neck, deeply biting me drawing a slow sexual rise from every bite as we are now fully and passionately engulfed in the pheromones coming off of both of us.

You continue to kiss down my chest, biting me leaving marks all over my body but I don’t mind as every bite send a pulse racing through my body turning me on even more. You get to my jeans, I unbutton them and slide them down around my ankles, as you move your body further down slipping my boxers down you take hold of my balls placing them in your mouth and begin to suck on them, your hand strokes my cock mainly just to tease me, I tell you to put your pussy over my head and take off your pants, you turn and say “what pants” as your lower your dress over my head I slide your dress up to your waist, your pussy tripped down your clit peering through just aching to be devoured.

As I begin to massage your labia with my fingers, my tongue licks up and from side to side on your slit drawing as much pleasure as I can to allow you to enjoy it. As I suck on your clitoris pulling on it hard you do the same to my balls feeding off of each other’s energy, to outdo one another, I slowly insert my two thumbs into your wet pussy whilst my lips suck on your clitoris, hitting you with double the pleasure taking it nice and slow, whilst you on the other hand is stroking my cock fast and hard look to make me cum first.

As I am about to cum, I hear rustling nearby. We both fix ourselves and run back to the path, your bra in my pocket, we laugh as we head back to the car. As we walk along the canal I just want to ravish your body, I stand against a tree and kiss your deeply and intensely then bite your neck and whisper in your ear how bad I want you, as we walk back to the car. Once we are at the car the car park is clear, as it is a bit dark and the day is coming to an end.

We sit in the front seat and begin to kiss passionately, there is not much space so we move to the back seat, darkness has fallen fast and there is no one around, just us in the car, I lean back against the passenger door and you open your door to give you some space to pull my jeans off, as I lay there with my cock standing firm and erect, you get down on your knees and lick up my inner thigh then kiss the tip of my cock before climbing on top of me reaching back and closing the behind you, I can feel your pussy dripping on to my legs as your cold hand takes hold off my cock guiding it into your pussy, you begin to straddle the tip of my cock between your lips then place it about half an inch into your hole as you balance your self off of both head rests, grinding down my cock, you start off slowly finding your pace then get faster.

The car windows fully steamed up as both our bodies are giving off heat, your pussy now stroking my cock hard and fast as my hands grasp onto your nipples, the car is practically rocking as you put your hand in your throwing it back, I start to moan as you begin edging me closer and closer, your beautifully curved bum cheeks slapping off of my thigh I pull you close my mouth suck on your breasts as I thrust up wards slowly but deeply hitting you’re on your G-spot, you begin to moan loudly as you wrap your arms around my neck holding me tightly as I begin to cum, you let out a sigh of relief as you begin to squirt soaking us both in your heavenly juices.

We both get out the car and I open the boot to get a cloth to wipe myself down my cock still rock hard, you walk round and I hand your some hand sanitizer and a fresh cloth, you clean yourself up and then sit on my lap and begin to bite my ear then whisper in it “I could go all night”. I stood up and bent you over the edge of the boot, your hands holding on to the spare tyre, I spread your legs using my feet and spanked your bum, you cheekily laughed letting out an ohh then followed by “I love roleplay officer”, I whispered in your ear “that’s for later just now I’m going to obliterate your ass” and slapped it once more.

As your stood there bent over the boot of the car, I slipped my hand between your legs and began to finger your soaking wet cunt with my middle finger hard and fast then stopped using your soaking wet cunts juices to lube up my cock in order to fuck your tight ass hole. I slipped my cock in slowly placing my hands on your hips and began to thrust back in fourth to pick my speed build a pace as my cock begins drilling your ass hard and fast, you begin to say harder so I put my feet on the side of the boot using it to wedge in as pound your ass as well as using my hands on your hips to pull you also. You begin moan in pleasure until I stop.

As I rest at the edge of the boot, you begin to grind your tight bum down my cock bouncing up and down reverse cow girl style, I place my hands on your boobs and begin teasing your nipples pulling and twisting on them, you start to pant, louder and louder and each pant growing more breathlessly each time until you finally release, your hot cum drips off of my thighs and begins to stain the ground. We walk round to the front of the car and I start the engine, you turn and say to me “thanks for an amazing first meet and greet” I replied, “the night still young your place or mine”.
Written by Danny11714 (Danny117)
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