The Astral Projects

Chemicals to awake
Chemical to sleep
For bones disintegrating
And the moments in between
I don't want the stimulants insomnia anymore
Just need it to suppress this undying void in my stomach
As I watch the another suicide in slow motion
An empath too close
Cancer crawling up my throat
To scream it's last cell for you
A choking black mass of unsaid words
Death resents my infidelity
With its long winded torture and crippling seasons
Our time together a sedan kissing an oak tree at a hundred miles per hour
A tragic, violent wreck extracted and refined to split second fragments for processing
Gleaming shards of jealousy and lust
Between sheets
Slice us in our sleep
The iron forever oblivious to the vine
I will lace my blood with the likes of which liquifies stone
And converts steel to steam
And long for the days I lived vertical and existed outside
Of the pitch black of your indifference
Where no light penetrates or escapes
Our forevers strangled in cellophane and skin unsealed
Pulsating in this pressure cooker of droning machines and violent tinnitus
Longing for the days we lived inside a shrine of concrete and brick
Where our breaths bounced between buildings
Growing from astral gardens
Morning glory vines wrapped around wrought iron rails
Intertwined tightly like the limbs of lovers' uncertain futures
The morning sun teasing the curled tips of sleepy leaves
Like my fingers gently tracing your spine
As you open your eyes
Written by nickbar (Nick Bartek)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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