Two-fifthteen A.M.  addendum.. there may have been a message but all is lost-


finding the found together which tells  
things without use of grammar, its more  
like giving to explain in signals  

i pressed a wildling from you between  
chapters thirty three and forty to be  
reminded that there are things we cant  
get over----- sometimes you just have to  
learn survive with
as if cold ether, i swallow'd the hunger  
down on that early morning__then  
how accurately brutal consciousness,  
can be;  
boughs of rain gauzes the aire-  
knocking slowly on the roof - perfect  
monotony, holding a sacred belief that  
no one has 'one' natural state  
i could close my eyes and become  
musique but your ears would bleed
til acutely deaf..trails of my exoskeleton  
will litter the pathe until you find me  
but this isn't what you think...for i am  
mildly to almost perpetually content  
occasionally on some evenings  
'my name was Nev’r, lost in the fall on  
fractal edged flakes.. ..  a latitude of  
causing cell transmutation in a  
prolific place for gathering to become  
something else:  
'a psalm, a balm, a manuscript(s)  
a fleur-de-lis in bas relief'  
although preserved, incongruously  
interfused with minerals and unsifted  
embers... this..this is only the  
beginning of self emerging from stained  
-the juice of a red pear settles in the  
corner my mouth-  
a mix of flora carcases hand'picked  
earlier for calming tea: swirls in hairline  
fractured porcelain illumes the shade  
of shades  -  
leaving a partially open ribcage warm  
and wanton  
awaiting a skin extraction…  
‘purging questions before they pearl’  
‘something touch’d beneath the infinite  
cupola of a torn heaven’  
Written by HowlingWhelms (Noire)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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