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Across The Pond

Quiet night in, it’s a cool winter night. The vast sky of darkness with twinkles of distant stars that light up the night sky like fireflies. The French doors on your balcony open allowing the breeze to flow through your apartment, a glass of red in your hand and bottle of beer in mine. Just two friends having a nice chilled evening, talking and laughing. You walk over to the balcony and lean on it perking your bum up to get a rise from me, undoubtingly you did but I wasn’t about to let you know it.

I walk over to join you my eye’s locked into your beautifully curved ass, as I get closer, I reach out to grasp but stop myself just in time as tonight is not a sprint it’s a marathon. I lean on the balcony with my left arm and turn to face you, my right hand brushes your fringe back across your ear. You look up at me with a cheeky little grin but a sparkle of love in your eye’s like you have waited along time for this spark between us to ignite.

We continue to chat to catch up as we haven’t spoken in a few weeks, I look out across the open sky and compliment you on your view as I turn back around, you walk away. As you get to the kitchen you ask do I want another beer, I accept but whilst your leaning into your fridge I sneak up behind you, my roaming down your waist and across your stomach, you quickly turn around. You head tilts up at me, your beautiful eye’s looking straight into mine, as you gently bite down on your lip…My hands slide down and grasp under your thighs lifting you to my level, as your back is now against your fridge your legs wrapped around my waist, we both lean in sharing the most amazing first kiss.

I sit you upon your washing machine and turn it to spin, as the washing machine begins to start up, your bum cheeks begin to shudder with vibration, we continue to kiss heating up with passion between us. You slip your hand down between your thighs rubbing your pussy above your underwear as my lips caress your neck gently dropping a few bites here and there. My hand reaches up and caresses your boob over your shirt as you begin to kiss me with intense French style kissing. Your tongue teases my tongue as we exchange some pretty heated kissing, the passion that’s flowing through both of our lips ignited the fuel in our hearts to continue down this electrified pathway journeying into each of our self’s self-discovery.

You place your finger in my mouth and whisper in my ear, “have a taste at what’s to come”, I reply oh you’re so naughty. I lift you off of the washing machine and start to walk over to your dining table I place you on top of it, as I slip your panties off allowing them to slide down your leg and drop to the floor as I get down on my knees, I lift your dress up and spread your legs pulling you to the edge of the table, your feet pitted against two of your dining chairs, I subtly blow my breath upon your inner thigh and over your plump lips as my hand grasp onto your waist. I lightly kiss up and down your plump lips slowly flickering my tongue on your clitoris just teasing you slowly.

I begin to lick the letter S onto yours labia followed by an O after the O I suck on your clit then continue with the licking and do a U and then an L, your pussy now dripping wet, your thighs are trembling but I’m not quite there yet, so I finish licking letters with another S, I stop and lift my head up and look into your eyes at least a 10 second stare your eyes locked with mine then I duck my head under and continue by sucking on your clitoris, I can feel the movement in your body as your head falls back and your back begins to arch pushing your vagina closer to my mouth, I rapidly flicker my tongue off of your clitoris, your moans fuelling me to push on in order for you to cum or squirt what ever is your thing, turns out on this occasion its just simple explosion of cum as I left my head from between your thighs I look up at you, your cum dripping off of my lips and your gushing flow of juice drenched down my chin, neck and t-shirt.

You take my hand and I stand up then you pull my t-shirt over my head and drop into the floor as your lips kiss down chest, biting and your nails scratching down my back, you drop your head looking down at my cock bulging out of my jeans, you take my hand leading me to your bedroom.

Once in the bedroom you push me onto the bed and remove my Jeans and boxers leaving me sitting there erect and naked with the exception of my socks of course, you unhook your shoulder straps and allow your dress to fall to the floor, my eye’s look you up and down my jaw dropped in awe of your glowing beauty. I try to speak but you silence me with a sudden and precise hit with a horse whip, “its my turn now” your whisper into my ear. I smile and allow you to continue not that your giving me an option anyway and then all I could think was where the fuck did, she get that whip from.

You grasp my balls not being gentle at all, caressing them in your hand like your fidgeting with marbles, then got down on your knees staring straight through me. You take my cock whole in your mouth as you exhale dragging your teeth up my shaft, I lean back my fingers grasping onto your bed sheets, trying not to show how much I am enjoying this much to my own surprise.

You continue to suck on my cock slowly just teasing it felt like, as every time your lips got to the tip you would glide your tongue around and around and then look at me to see my reaction. I was beginning to crumble cracks were beginning to show in the form of subtle moans and soft groans, trying my darn best to hold it together, until you introduced your other hand as it stroked up and down my shaft combined with your other hand caressing my ball sack and to top it all your mouth suckling on my tip, I was being hit with a triple whammy, the pleasure was building and I couldn’t contain it much longer when you suddenly stopped and told me to hold it as you want it in your beautifully curved bum.

I lay flat on your bed cock bursting at the seams with cum, but I was still able to hold it, for now at least. You stood up on the bed walked over to my head and knelt over me exposing your tight ass to my face, I pulled your thighs down and began by biting your bum cheeks then kiss them all over before teasing your tight hole with my tongue, licking it ferociously listening to you moan. Once I was satisfied that your tight whole was moist enough I sat up, pushing you to the side off the bed, I whispered in your “I can be kinky too”, as I bent you over your night stand, I unclipped your bra then told you to tell me how bad you want it as I slapped your bum cheeks whilst spreading your legs.

You stood there bent over your hands balancing you off of your night stand your tits dangling like chandeliers, I took my cock and teased your hole by rubbing the tip against it, you pleaded with me to begin so I did I took a fist full of your pony tail and then lubed up my cock and inserted it into your tight ass, as I began to penetrate you bum slowly thrusting in and out tugging on your hair, your moans much like mine started off slowly. I let go of your hair, put both my hands on your hips and began to pound your bum hard and fast kind of like a jack hammer, your moans grow exponentially by that point, your licked your index finger and began to massage your clit with on hand as my cock was drilling your tight bum, you began to groan and repeat I’m going to cum I’m going to cum but much like you I told you to hold it.

I lay on your bed, your eyes filled with lust maybe even a little rage as I could see you where dying to cum, you got on top in a reverse cow girl position and began to bounce up and down whilst I slapped your bum cheeks red raw, then you suddenly let out moan like this is it as my cock drilled your ass deep, your moans echo through out my ears as I explode my cum filling your tight whole, you cum also but this was squirt it was gushing out like a fountain spraying everywhere. You fell back into my arms and began to kiss my lips as turned over I lifted your right leg over my shoulder and then stroked my cock in between your plump lips teasing your before finding the right angle.

I lubed up my cock then inserted into your already moist cunt, as I slowly thrust down and deep into your pussy balancing my body with my right hand on your thigh while my left simultaneously massages your clit anti clock wise as I fuck your pussy delicately just going nice and slow allowing us both to lavish in the pleasure building between us. As the passion between us intensifies I place my left hand on your hip to help with the balance as I begin to thrust fast and hard penetrating your soaking wet cunt deep hopefully hitting that prime spot, your moans growing louder and louder as I fuck your dripping wet pussy relentlessly until you begin to cum covering my hard throbbing cock in your ocean of pleasure, I continue to pound your pussy as I fall back onto my knees with my cock disengaging you sit up just as quickly and use your hand to guide my cock back into your pussy as you slowly grind your cunt up and down whilst biting my shoulder I began to cum and few second later you also start to cum as you flow once again your teeth bite into my skin showing me just how much you enjoy it.

I kiss your head then walk to the bathroom to take a shower, there I am standing under the high pressured stream of hot water when you join me, my flopping cock nestled between your bum cheeks as my arms wrap around yours and I kiss your neck, whilst we both just stand there enjoying the ambiance of the flowing hot water.
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