Seductive Revenge

Staring out the window, watching the unsuspecting worldgo by in their no nonsense hurried rush she smiles softly to herself murmuring 'it's time' as movement is heard behind her, followed by a disgruntled growl. Reaching up she pulls the drapes closed, stands silently for a few minutes, telling herself 'you can't back out now, you can do this' takes a deep breath and turns around to face him, sitting in the centre of the room in a chair facing the bathroom, naked and bound tight with no chance of breaking free, she had made sure of that, she would have given him everything he could have dreamed of had he not crossed her, his cold hard eyes glaring at her as he pulled at his restraints. Slowly she undid the tie on her coat, slipping it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor behind her as she walked toward him, his glare changing to that of a hungry wolf as he drank her naked form in.Standing infront of him she leaned forward, sliding her hands up along the inside of his thighs, his hips lifting as she reached the base of his growing shaft, looking into his eyes she slid her hands past and onto his hips, forcing them back down, he met movements with a disapproving groan and a look to match. Leaning in and pressing her mouth against his ear she whispered 'you earned this' before standing back up, snarling back 'earned what?' ending with a groan as she slid her hands up over her stomach to cup her breasts, rolling her hardened nipples between her fingers and thumbs as she turned and sauntered to the bathroom. Feeling his eyes rake over her body while she set the shower,turning to look at him when she stepped under the running water, his eyes dark with lust following the delicate streams flowing down over her body, snapping back up when she began slowly running her soaped up hands across her breasts, caressing them gently. Looking out at him she slid her hands down over her stomach, his eyes fixated on her fingers disappearing between the soft lips he longed to touch,craved to tast, devour, his breaths heavy releasing a loud groan that echoed in the room, his hardened shaft brushing it's awollen head against his thigh teasingly as he struggled, she smiled coyly and spread her lips with her fingers, sitting mesmerized as she begins running her fingers back and forth over her we silky clit then sliding then down deep inside her, pre cum now oozing down his thigh from his strained member, turning off the shower withdrawing her fingers as she steps out, walking towards him as water droplets run down over her breasts to her glistening lips, walking past to stand behind him, his head turning trying to see her as she leans down to whisper in his ear again 'you will never have what you want' his hands tighten as his muscles strain to break free ' finish what you fucking started'he seethed, his eyes burning into her as she calmly walked to her coat, sliding her arms back into it she turned back to look at him, wrapping it back around her and tying it up answering hin coldly 'I just did' his demand and rage still ringing in her ears as she closed the door behind her, shaking as she hurried out.
Written by Countygal (Wh1skeysTeacup)
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