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On Canaan's Shores (Been So Long)

Been so long,I can't remember when
I've been to Canaan and I want to go back again
Been so long, I'm living till then
'Cause I've been to Canaan and I won't rest until
I go back again

“You can't cum now.....”
“......but I really need to cum, I can't hold it”
remembering that feeling
the arousal that I hardly understand
but if felt like magic-in the palm of his hands
the tingling rhapsody
and the hellish heat
prickly beads of sweat
an indescribable sensation
from the top of my head
to the soles of my feet (and every wicked point in between)
feeling like something huge is getting ready to happen and I don't know what it means
(but damnit I like it; I need it.......)
…..and I melt all over his big brass bed
my bleu blouse open and my tits are bare
my breath is labored and my nipples are so damned hard
jutting out into the air.......filled with the smells of hot sex and  
cherry candy
“I wanna' cum....”
my long, sinewy legs spread open wide
my hands and feet are stretched and tied
to the 4 post of the bed
and it feels like the whole room is quaking, and shaking
my consciousness breaking as  the wild horses begin to run his hands
he holds his magic wand
his big dick dangling and
he has no clothes eyes held captive
as the vibrator begins to buzz
the butterflies stir and flutter
as he stirs my clit like a hand in glove
I am just like melted butter
my body writhes and wanders
the pressure building between my slit
flogging my ravished pearl  
as my pelvis pushes towards the sky
my fountain ruptures as rivers flow through it.......
I am so damned high
and so damned out of control
my body grinding against wet sheets
and all at once, his fingers have penetrated
every opening, every sensual hole
my body possess
his dick throbbing before my eyes
hips thrusting in mid air
I feel his heat, in distress
“......I'm 'bout to cum”
he literally has me under his thumbs
fingering my ass deeply
stroking my clit, feverishly and believe me
“I cannot hold it anymore.......”
my core violently shaking
my pussy, my asshole sympathetically
pumping, squeezing, shaking
he's making me dance
I feel so free
What the hell has this man done to me?
Gasping for air, every synapse broken
No longer of this world
not an utterance can be spoken......

…..this feels so damned good
“I've been to Canaan and I won't rest until
I go back again.........”
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
Author's Note matter what perspective taken, we all have been to "Canaan" once or twice
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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