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Nickel & Dimes

Friday 4:58pm...everyone in the building has took off for the weekend and made their way to break free, we have a major conference coming up on Monday with great opportunities for the company but everyone is excited except me.  
Grabbing papers from the copier, carefully proofreading this proposal for any errors, misspelled words or missed punctuation, heading back towards my desk to finalize my project and I catch glimpse of what seems to be a sticky situation.  
A loud slap comes from behind a pulled door, not fully closed but just slightly cracked so my wandering eyes can peak in to see a little more. I know whos office this is and in fact I thought he had left for the day, but here he is with our new assistant assisting her on how to not disobey.  
Leaning in further to see her bent over his desk, her skirt is lifted over her beautiful round ass and her shirt is unbuttoned exposing plump perky breast.  
Say it. He demands in a deep yet softly toned voice.  
If I get fired trying to view this presentation then oh well....I have no other choice.  
Her voice cracks slightly as she whispers,
Its yours.
Im sorry I cant hear you. He says, getting down on his knees onto the floor.  
He spreads her ass wide, kissing her already gushing hole, tipping her ass with one finger slowly while licking with precision and control. He loves it. Smacking his lips after every taste, every lap of her relished pussy leaves a trail of gleaming juices across his yearning lustful face.  
She arches her back with arms extended, the mouse and keyboard never stood a chance, crashing to ground as she moans a little louder lifting her left leg onto the desk to put her pussy in a more opened stance.  
This is so good, how can they not see me peaking through this door, Ive almost dropped these papers a hundred times thinking to myself,
I wish I was that lucky whore!
In the midst of my monologue she reaches her climax as he stands to his feet.  
Na ah dont you move. He says, Your job here is not complete.  
Stiff from the pleasure of embellishing her curvy tasteful frame, with his pants slid down around his ankles and his protruding dick ready to tame. He teases her clit still sticky from dripping spit, both hands grip that ass slowly pounding between her tight fit.  
Prying his fingers inside her mouth grinding his hips into a rotating motion, each stroke is deeper than the last shaking the desk against the wall causing quite a commotion. He smacks her ass hard as she gasps like it's her last breath, staring at the cream oozing out all over his dick is really making him start to sweat.
"You love it don't you? I bet your man can never fuck you like this!"
She throws her ass back on him, the sound of the wave cracks against her ass like a whip, bucking like rodeo bulls her knees buckle then she screams out,
"Stop playing daddy and give me all this dick!"
They move off the desk, still fucking with her body bent over straight onto the ground....
"Damn she's a flexible lil bitch!" I whisper to myself watching her use one hand to rub her clit and the other to massage his balls has me all the way spellbound.  
Shit! Somebody is coming so I scurry quickly tripping over the leg of a chair but still managing to make it back to my desk just in the nick of time. Coming out of his office he knocks on my door peaking his ruffled head in,
"Can I see you in my office at 10:00 in the morning?"
"Of course sure thing Nick, I'll be there at 9!"
Written by Calligraphee
Published | Edited 15th Jan 2020
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