Different Frequency

Wednesday morning,  
I wake up with a moan,  
My heads full of traffic and
Ring goes my phone.
With my vision to my screen,
I see a familiar number.
It’s someone from my past,
But I've not been welcome in their future.
I can barely think ahead  
So I gab the J behind me,
Take a deep toke and  
Wait for answer-phone to save me.
I take just a minute  
To wake my body and my soul and I  
Think do I want to hear this
Same old, same old.
I take a chance to play my mail,
While my head is at a station.
Not surprisingly to no avail,  
Conversations not adjacent.
Just a message with arrangements,
For someone far whose past and
And making sure we’re on the right page..
Dont clash.
A tone can say a lot and  
This one dialled,
Received clearly.
The message coming through was?
We’re on a
Different frequency.
Now six months on and that meeting
Never became true.
Just couldn't deal with the fakery  
From more than just you!”
So I find myself again,
In a sad state of affairs.
For someone closer has now past,
And this someone I really cared.
So I know a talk will happen,  
But I'm not going to hold my breath.
Because it’s been some time,  
And the meetings at a death.
This day soon approaches,
As how sad it is to be.
For saying good bye to a loved one,
Is never done easily.

Finding ghosts from my past,  
Making presents in my future.
Without really fixing wounds,  
Just expecting time to heal ya.
Sometimes ya need a little more
Acknowledgement and love and
Would really kill ya  
For a sorry and a hug?
A tone can say a lot and  
This one heard,
Received clearly.
The message coming through was?
We’re on a,
Different frequency.
12 months on we meet again
Sadly once more,
As heaven came knocking 3rd time,  
At our family’s door.
This gathering was the largest,
With a send-off for a solider.
Who almost hit a century,
And still had some no closure.
You say times a healer?
But still resent thing from the past?
And when we finally do meet,
Barely three words were broadcast?
Sometimes in life we change our channel,  
To one others can’t receive.
Until the time they realise,
There is one to believe.
So I focus looking forward as
The next generation walks past.
Knowing there’s a connection,
As their innocents is vast.
Maybe in time, though this vibration,
We’ll find a soul connection.
But currently its seems we’re an
Opposite reflection.
A tone can say a lot and  
This one third,
Received clearly.
The message coming through was?
We’re on a,
Different frequency.
a song/poem by  
niall alexander
Written by Thebeatpoetuk (Niall Alexander)
Author's Note
A song/poem about a family rift..
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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