The Darkness

 It's nearing that time of year again, when the darkness returns.This is that time of winter, a time of feeding, and everyone is getting hungry. This is the time when people go missing in order to put a meal on the table. The weaker are usually the prime targets, but doors must be barred if you have children. The hunger has no bias to age, sex, or relation, meat roasting on the spit is meat on the spit. There is fear starting to show on the face of some of the weaker. But there are certain ones that know they will be spared, healer must be kept, along with the spiritual ones. The good gatherer are a necessity and in the early stages of the darkness, they fend off the hunger for every one. But things are getting scare and belly are going empty. It gets awfully hard to sleep when  in the middle of the night your stomach wont be silent. Babies can be heard crying for lack of sustenance.
 .     I hear the noises and I'm tuned into the nature of the darkness. This will be the first year that they may attempt to take me, and if they do I wont be mad. I have feasted a many winters, even when things were the scarcest. The feasting of me will allow others to continue, but many will die in this endeavor. I have plans for meat roasting on my spit and hanging from my rafters. This winter all ties have been severed, until the light returns. There are those that know of my prowess, the many solo adventures, that hung meat from my rafters   The frozen waters will fall from the sky soon, all signs says that there will be much, this will work to my advantage. All weapons have been sharpen and restrung, the dogs are trained and they also look forward to the darkness.So for now we sit and silently wait in anticipation, waiting until the hunger either drives us out or they come for me.  
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 13th Jan 2020
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