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The Warning

Riding around the city with my sunroof open on this beautiful night, guess I was going a little faster than I expected because to my surprise in the rear view mirror here comes these flashing blue lights.  
Aw hell, its the police so I better pull over while I can.
Driving over to this near empty parking lot, turning my car off with my license already in hand. Anxiously waiting for the officer to open his door and step out, probably running my license plate Im thinking in my head without a doubt. A few minutes roll by and hes finally walking over my way, approaching my vehicle slowly with his flashlight shining brightly on display.  
License and registration. He says in a deep undertone.  
Handing the officer what he requests, he bends over to look inside.

Do you know why I pulled you over mam? You were doing 60 in a 45.
Um my apologies sir I didnt realize I was going that fast.
Im going to have to write you a ticket but first I need for you to step out of the car and put your hands against the glass.  
Eyes glaring at our window reflection as his foot spreads a parting gap between my feet, heavy breaths melt the nape of my neck as I feel the big impression pressed upon my ass from the bulge of his swollen meat.  
Sir I dont believe this is necessary, I understand that its illegal to speed. Just let me go with fair warnings and this will never happen again, Ill even get on my knees and plead!
The dispatch radios over a 10-20 but his hands are frisking the curves from under my skirt, caressing my thighs like I had a warrant in my panties, sending my body into full alert. He releases his handcuffs then proceeds to apprehend my wrists around my back, pulls out his baton from the fitted position in his holster and rubs it between the cheeks of my ass crack. The tip goes in slow and easy....separating my tight puckered rear hole stretching the circumference of the night's -stick- as his fingers massage my clit, pushing deeper inside me causes my feet to elevate rising onto my toes with my body pressed firmly against my vehicle and the roof touching my nose.
"Stop resisting." He utters into my ear, seeming to be enjoying the domestic disturbance him and my body were having.  
"All this for a ticket?" I moaned, trying to catch my words between each breath, "You're going to need backup Officer because I'm about squirt until there's none left!"  
Dropping his baton to quickly unzip his pants, ramming his stiff dick into me just in time for both our loads to shoot, I trespassed all over him with great force vandalizing his entire blue suit. Wondering how he was able to nut so fast with just a good pump but I guess the thrill of him pleasuring me had his own hormones in a violent dispute.
"Thank you for cooperating mam, I'll let you off this time but you should observe the speed limit...there a lot of police out patrolling the area at this time of hour."
"Thank you Officer," I said with a slightly embarrassed laugh. "When you go back to the precinct and they ask you what that white stuff is, just tell them it's doughnut powder."  
Written by Calligraphee
Published | Edited 10th Jan 2020
Author's Note
I'm back :)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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