Bipolar Personalities

Before the beginning of the end
Was a time where war was the best diplomacy
Thwart your enemies before they can crash you
33 strategies of war
Everyone is your enemy until proven otherwise
Other wise men learnt the strategic value of the night
Knighted warriors and taught them to fight
Invisible like spirits under the clock of the night
When the clock strikes 12, Cinderella,
Take off your shoe and be the lady of the night
Be whatever they want you to be, stroke their different sized egos if need be
And honey when they are weak sting like a bee
Unveil their secrets with the dance of the seven veils,
And just before they cum,
Come to their senses
Take their breath away One last time Anna
Hurry home to Moscow before you too become a martyr
Tomorrow we march and end this cold war

Knowledge suddenly became power
So relentlessly we pursued it.
Relations became sour
Battle of sexes, we men claimed it was our right to be on top
Confusion on confusion, we built the tower of Babel
Gave all fault to our stars, left out our power greed
Thatís why Cain killed Abel
So bit by bit we fell into darkness
As the stars fell, we applauded
Wished upon them, we were deluded
Little by little men fell
Little deities we created
On their feet we fell
Aphroditeís to satisfy our twisted desires
Cloned whatever we could, scientific satires
The more we know the further we leap towards the ledge
Living on the edge is the way of the new age;
Our religion rests on the urge to justify our wrong as right
So we talk of peace, but really inside exists a bipolar reality of hypocrisy,
We are in pieces, constantly preparing for war we are never at peace
Itís one huge pyramid scheme of all schemes existing over the seas
At the top is the man, he is the overseer so everything he oversees
Scoffing commands, thrives on lies and those he canít control buys off
With a dollar bill
Your soul for a dime to settle all your bills
Both good and bad
His good is mostly bad
Guess he's good at being bad
Donít get me started on what he does in bed, itís sad
Once I heard he rejoiced in bondage, a man of his age
Put chains on exotic man of colour, gave them pet names and †whipped them so hard,
They had to call him the man,
A man calling a man the man- that was the west
Blessed lads, quasi Christians
Whose actions screamed koo koo not like the cock but like a Klansmen,
Owned a hollow cast, so later he had to pay †his dues (Israel)
Hitler was the star not of David but of the show;
He had no emotions to show his chest was hollow
In this new world order, Pinocchio could have won a Grammy
For he knew very well how to bring his maker sorrow

War back then was simple;
To know the enemy you just had to be the enemy
Now he is endowed with the knowledge of deception
Knowledge is power, how do you deceive your own reflection
A humanitarian by day with sinister intentions
His heart is a dark web of twisted reflections
He is the reason why Syria is at war and cirri sounds so sexy
He is so good at being bad, he generously sponsors poverty,
Spreads disease for profit, how the hack did Ebola end so quickly,
Now diplomacy is just but a darker version of war
Bipolar personalities,
They smile with sad eyes
They are kings of the north, winter hearts surrounded with ice
They are cold and constantly at war,
But what do we know when all we see are gods,
Written by Soxy (SoxThePoet)
Author's Note
This is a lyrical spoken word piece some sentences sound in complete to suit the rhyme sequence.. its my favorite piece
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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