Behind Eyes That Hide Their Own Irises

words slow  
to a trickle  
from my empty,
tired head;  
fingers grip this pen  
like some kind of sense  
can be forced  
from it,  
but I know better  

címon, give me something  

spilling for therapy  
gets the best of me,  
makes you think †
you can know who I am,  
like you can decipher †
what Iím made of  
deeper, behind eyes †
that hide †
their own irises;  
trust me you wonít  
not unless I let you;  
these rough facets  
exposed on paper  
are only the intro  

does that make me just an act?  

Iím the whole †
of the ethos you can see,  
the cult of shame  
and of death  
to my pernicious nature,  
imbued with need  
a brand of greed  
for connection,  
my limbs intertwined  
skin to skin  
lying naked  
with the entirety †
of the cosmos  
hidden from you, †
crammed, slammed  
into five feet of broken -  
shattered like a glass,  
but Iím still trying †
to let you drink †
from me  

I hope I donít cut your lips  

Iím not sure  
if youíre composed †
of the stuff  
it takes  
to hold the whole  
of my messy existence;  
not with bands that are full †
but I can bleed  
without smearing  
your clean shirt,  
and I can share †
the parts of myself  
that donít hurt †
when exposed;  
people who will dismiss the gods  
still have the tendency  
to believe in their own †
always thinking †
they are saving me,  
protecting me from myself;  
but I made peace †
with who I am  
long ago;
my armor is iron-clad  

what does that even mean?  

and I know  
god, I really do know  
that itís you  
who needs saving;  
the empath goddess  
accidental mentalist  
highly sensitive personified,  
Iíll find the terms †
to put you at ease,  
itís what I do, †
have always done -  
Iíll discover the letters  
which cease to conjure  
mystical madness  
in your mind,  
the knowing is real,  
and itís all the same  
to me;  
so weíll do this dance,  
and Iíll be your ballerina;  
Iíll give you what you need  
and nothing more  
so we can all feel good  
about ourselves  
for having tried  

there, thatís better  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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