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I wish I could be brainwashed
like you
but I can't look away while kids cry
asking for change
yet we turn a blind eye
call them names
dumb kids that haven't learned yet
learned what?
to lay down and die
the 2nt amendment is just an excuse
a talking point to keep people brainwashed
we gave up all our other rights
yet we think we are the ones in control?
what a fucking joke
oh how simple life must be
to be that ignorant
I wish I could be brainwashed
like you
man that thinks the world isn't heating up
all the scientist must be wrong
in Trump we trust
sheep being lead to the slaughter
did you know the world is flat?
being held up by God's hands
and if you believe in that
I got some snake oil you would just love
it's easier to live in a fantasy
rather than face reality
sad part is
your ignorance isn't just dooming you
it dooms us all
I often wonder how I would look
being a dumb fuck
wearing a MAGA hat
while brown people get locked up in cages
if you're gonna revolt
well now's the fucking time!
must be nice being such a blow hard
never having to think about your health
what would the doctors know?
Cheetos are the breakfast of champions
and that's what they want
us big, stupid, and loyal
guess I just have something missing
maybe I hit my head as a kid
and it woke me up from this facade
oh how wonderful it must be
to be brainwashed
Written by DevilsChild
Published | Edited 9th Jan 2020
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