The Color of Pain

Who said pain was red  
Fiery and bold  
The color of blood  
Lust and desire  
The color of danger?  

Who said pain was black  
Dark and cold  
Power and aggression  
The color of death  
Fear and evil  
The color of misery?  

Who said pain was white  
Innocent and unkind  
A way of life  
The color of nothingness  
Blinding and purposeful  
The color of God?  
Pain is not black or blue or grey or pink or dark or light  
Or shades of this and that  
Pain is the color of you  
The color of the sadness you injected in my heart  
The color of tears I shed each night  
The color of loneliness that visits me with thoughts of you  
Pain is the color of happiness, missing in my soul!  
Pain is the color of innocence, taken away from my eyes  
It is the color of the shadows that are now formed in its place  
Of all the sleepless night  
And the contemplations in darkness  
And the consumption of alcohol  
And the in-takes of drugs  
Pain is the color faith lost  
On a God that is too busy inhabiting in the praises of the masses  
Yet not realizing and regarding their brokenness  
And their cries  
Of Him finally coming back and taking them to his paradise  
Pain is the color of that innocent child  
Tugging away her doll under the bad  
After the boogeyman has entered her house  
And killed her father  
And raped her mother  
And now it was her turn  
Pain is the color of South African women  
And every other woman in the world  
Fearing men  
For men abuses  
He rapes and murders  
Even the ones he claims to love  
The ones he vows to protect  
The unfairness of being attacked for one’s private parts  
Pain is the color of the Queer men and lesbian women  
That are forever attacked  
And slandered  
And shamed  
And raped  
For their own decision  
For embracing their own sexuality  
Pain is the color of those mixed pills I always want to overdose  
The color of blood from slashed wrists  
The color of the rope that hangs from my roof pole  
The color of all the failed attempts  
Because when I needed your help  
You told me I was just an attention seeker!  
Pain is the color of men  
Being told to tuck it up and Man-Up  
Never show weakness  
Never shed tears  
Never have fears  
You are a men  
And you are the head  
And you are the leader  
And you are the provider  
And you are the protector  
And you are a god, without emotions  
Pain is the color of …  
Shouts and screams that are not heard!
Written by NuBorn
Published | Edited 2nd Jan 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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