Seasons Gretings

Now and then I feel the need to piss on everyone's cheerios
it is a function, nay natural response to current bullshit

I could turn to the circus of "Donald and the Giant Impeachment"
way to easy a target, I will leave that to late-night talk show hosts
that allegedly used to be comedians and CNN who always were
the Donald needs no help from me, the lunacy and pure hatred
of the new left will fuck things up so bad assuring his second term
I could, of course, go on about Brexit, ignoring the will of the people
purely because they gave an answer that no one expected of them
I have no doubt Boris does not require any help to fuck us more
I could go on about the hole that we burned into the ozone
(Whatever happened to the promised skin cancer I was offered
I might moan about "The Inconvenient Truth" the profits were assured
but the truth predictions it predicted turned out to be inconveniently lies
to the point where they had to make a sequel and people still bought it
I could focus on terrorism, and / or religion. Focus upon gun control
look at the promised American wall which apparently means a fence
I could make many serious points on the raising of retail cheese prices
But no, Now call me Mr Current Affairs but I want to turn to the Nazis

Like the History Channel, I am not quite finished with the Third Reich
not Hitler, the SS, the final solution I'll leave that to the History Channel
I want to talk about average German families and their WWII parentage
what would you think of parents who;
Volunteered their kids into the Hitler Youth
signed their kids up for brainwashing
allowed them to be indoctrinated into a hateful ideology
parents who encourage their children to hate jews
but missing out the part about the final solution
parents who encouraged their children to commit violence
those who taught they, children, to worship the Fuhrer
those who taught Aryian Supremacy values to their kids
who forgave their children for stoning an old Jew in the street
those who took innocent empty vessels, filling them up with hate
what if these parents were only lying to protect their asses
were these parents proud of their children as Auchvitz guards

what would we make of such parenting today
most would call social services and report them
point the finger and shout out loudly "Child Abusers"
and in my estimation; they would be correct - guilty
the same would be true of fundamental religious indoctrination
Fred Phelps, David Koresh, and many more - all child abusers
in the history of mankind, many people refuse to own their own meat
to make excuses for battered, bruised and abused children
No Excuse is permissible or justifiable for any of it

so, what if parents to a child with disabilities
brainwashed her with a dogmatic ideology
made her wear a T-Shirt with a symbol of hate
just cause mummy and daddy were wearing the same
I mean they would not have explained the symbolism
even a child would probably call bullshit on this
Mummy could write a book about her mental health problems
but not of course release and royalties to her that risks honesty
she tells her every day that she is different rather than integrate her
she is taught this parents hatred and racist dogma as truth
she is coached every day and scripted the venom to spout
she is told she is a profit and a wise sage despite her youth
but the cowardly parents use her deliberately as a human shield
to catch the shit storm they know would come
putting this vulnerable child out to lead a charge
fraught with confidence and mental health issues
as outlined in her mother's profitable book
will almost ensure her deconstruction and destruction

Parents who do such wicked acts are also guilty
of abuse, the theft of innocence and childhood
and the lack of compassion for the consequences
If you tell a child that there are no monsters
apart from middle-aged white men don't be surprised
when other monsters attack and kill her
the ones she wasn't warned about like most men
regardless of colour, predators, paedophiles
rapists, wife-beaters, relatives, teachers, priests
abusive parents when you no longer comply

I am not triggered by Greta Thunberg
despite being an old white man
which I do not view as a crime (Not yet)
I am triggered by her parents
who have done this with full knowledge
of their daughters fargilities
shame on you
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
Author's Note
"Poets who are afraid to write about social injustice are not poets at all." Kimmy Alan

now does that include white men? How about climate change agnostics maybe even deniers?
"Poets who are afraid to write about social injustice are not poets at all." Kimmy Alan

now does that include white men? How about climate change agnostics maybe even deniers?

Perish the thought of true equality!
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