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Image for the poem I Don't Even Need To Name You Bit**

I Don't Even Need To Name You Bit**

I love the secret little
Cowardly DMs  
I bet it gets you hard to think I'm tremblin  
Did it hurt to read my words, then?  
So bad your childish ass had to find me to impose your opinion?  

I don't talk to those who arnt open to a civil conversation  
Anyone who wears camo n boots as a civi never served this nation  

Yeah bitch  
I know your muthafuckin type  
You shout your credentials before taking the mic  
Say 'I study this, read that, I know more than you  
So just sit there and be the moron, cause I NEED you to  
Look how secure in my wisdom I am by spitting irrelevant facts  
I'll ignore your retort cause I had my argument ready to spat  

I'll be Freudian in my approach and assume your behavior  
Cause though I never met you  
I'm the world's muthafuckin savior'  

Fuck out of here  

Weak ass bitch, I blocked your ass  
RUN and write a fuckin forum  
About how race doesn't exist  
Call whoever fights a leftist  
Label cause you got nothin for em  

You peace of shit  
Go ahead and out me as a bigot  
Cause I admit it  


Don't you know how to fuckin read?  
You ain't telling anyone anything new  
I hate men's greed  

Ill say it again †
Any RACE  
And any color  

No matter the spice  
All men do is conquer  
Sound familiar?  

But unlike you bitch  
I've learned how to look passed shit I don't like  
Like an opinion not resembling anything like mine  

I don't attack every man that says all women are whores  
I don't seek out a muthafucka to satiate my ego  

When someone thinks me and mine are weak cause of our disease  
I keep on scrolling †
Cause I ain't a little bitch cryin and screamin  

I don't need a crowd to see the way that I see  
Just an open ear and I'll show the same courtesy  

I'm done with this shit I just want you to know  
If you want to out me bitch, step ahead and go.
Written by BabydoII (Itty Bitty)
Author's Note
Cause DUP already knows who you are.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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